Will The Female Titan Appear in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2?


There are a lot of questions weighing in the viewer’s minds regarding Attack on Titan Season4 Part 2. And with the anime nearing its release date, the excitement of the fans is getting out of hand. To add to that hype, the fans are pretty sure that this time we’ll get to see the Female Titan. 

Not going to lie, the chances that she’ll once again bless us with her grace is quite high. But again, this is Attack on Titan we are talking about so there can be new twists and surprises. Keeping that in mind, let’s see whether we will get to see Annie once again or not.

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Annie Leonhart – The Female Titan:

The very existence and proof of Annie as the Female Titan can be traced back to the first season. In the first season, the big reveal of Annie as humanity’s biggest opponent is done to kickstart the whole ordeal. After that, she’s caught by Eren in the end and thus crystallizes to protect herself from the Scouts. 


female titan annie leonhart

Since then, we haven’t seen Annie in action. Not to mention, she was one of the pivotal reasons for Eren’s revenge too. Apart from all this, her appearance in Part 2 might play an important role if she does make an appearance. But, will she?

Will The Female Titan Appear in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2?

Well, I don’t see any reason why won’t she, given that she got away with too many things at once. In fact, in Part 1 Armin is shown to visit the Female Titan now and then. Furthermore, he has also been telling Annie about everything to keep her up to date.

armin visiting annie attack on titan


This might be due to Bertholdt’s memories and feelings getting filtered through Armin after he became Colossal Titan. All of this is heavily implying that the Female Titan will make an appearance in AoT Season 4 Part 2. So, what’ll happen to her considering she is in the finale?

What Will Happen To Annie Leonhart in Attack on Titan?

Let’s make it realistic and be straightforward, considering all the other titans in mind, she might just die. Because let’s not forget that her fight against Eren was just a preview of what’s to come. Nevertheless, we might see her fight in a few battles before she becomes the food….

nnie leonhart attack on titan

But hey, we do have Armin with Bertholdt’s memories and feelings too, can’t discard that away too. Being the humble Colossal Titan he is, there’s a chance that he’ll fight against everyone to save her. Still, what if the Female Titan isn’t in Attac on Titan Season 4 Part 2?


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What If Annie Leonhart Isn’t In The Finale?

Long answer short, it’ll be a shock with quite a few spoonfuls of ‘wasted development of a good character’. Also, her reason for being in AoT will become quite insignificant when compared to the development she got. Although that is very unlikely to happen because Hajime Isayama is a very capable mangaka and I’ve faith in him. 

annie leonhart female titan

Keeping all the speculations and theories aside, let’s enjoy what’s to come. Because in less than a week from now, the finale of Attack on Titan will begin. Till then let’s hope for the best that we do get the answers we seek. 



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