Fantastic Four Reboot: Amber Heard Eyes Marvel Role [Rumour]


It’s not like Amber Heard being in Aquaman 2 has been well received for her to try and see Marvel. But, it looks like she is relentless.

Invisible Woman



Amber Heard, according to a Marvel Insider, Daniel RPK, has been trying to contact Marvel for the role of Sue Storm, the invisible woman, in the Fantastic Four Reboot. Now, hold on, let me laugh, and come back before I type in the rest.

It’s not like fans of DC, or the fans of Johnny Depp are happy to see her in the DCEU movies, and we sure as hell will not come and let her toy with Marvel’s image, no matter what.



Too High a Risk

Even if the verdict reaches an unexpected result, we don’t think Marvel will take the risk of casting someone like Amber Heard. Marvel is very keen on its Actors and their public image, so there is significantly less chance that they consider her for the role.

But, apparently, Amber Heard has been very busy ever since the first verdict in the Libel Case, as she or no one knows what will the second verdict bring. According to sources, Amber Heard is eyeing a significant studio role and signing the contracts, which will be an acceptable form of protection to her either by relaunching her career or giving her a good payday in case of a bad second verdict.

Fantastic Four Reboot


Fantastic Four reboots are not in the talks, and we have only heard some rumors that Marvel might relaunch the franchise by doing a crossover with Ant-Man 3. Even if it’s just a cameo of Sue Storm appearing in Ant-Man 3, there is no way Marvel fans are accepting her.


But according to the sources, we hear that Amber has met with Kevin Feige about this, and he was the one who confirmed that she was trying out for Sue Storm.

Anything for the Fans

Even with lots of changes in Marvel and new cast and everything, there is no way Amber will be accepted, and it’s too high a risk for Marvel Studios, and they usually stay out of all of this.

Emily Blunt

The actress that fans want to see star in the role of Sue Storm is Emily Blunt, and they want her husband, the hot John Krasinski, to play Mr. Fantastic (no complaint there). Well, if we start to believe in rumors, then we will definitely go crazy soon as these two are also rumored to be playing Black Widow and Captain America in Multiverse of Madness as Kevin Feige is planning to assemble an Avengers team in other alternative universes too.

The fate of the Atlantean Queen in Trouble?

And if rumors are to be believed, then there is a train of them about Amber Heard’s Aquaman 2 role being reduced to the bare minimum and is kept in it just because of her contract. But, it looks like only time will tell what among these are true.


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