‘Onyx Equinox’: Crunchyroll’s New Anime Series


Crunchyroll has been doing the countdown for its most awaited original anime series Onyx Equinox for some time now.

Original Series

It’s an American animated series created and illustrated by Sofia Alexander for Crunchyroll. For people who don’t know about it, this anime series is not based on any webtoons or manga; this is an original work directly debuting as a series. Alexander will also be the executive producer of the show and has voiced some of the characters.

This original series has been in the works for 13 years. According to the trailer and the plot, we think it will definitely be worth the effort for Crunchyroll and Sofia Alexander when it releases.

Two more days to go

The series will debut on November 21, 2020, in English, but the viewers will also have the privilege of streaming it in Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, French, and German on the same day of release. The series was first slated to release in the summer, but the series had to be rescheduled due to the pandemic‘s obstacles.

 So, what is the show about?

If you liked Attack on Titans, you might love this one too.

It’s simple— the fate of humanity is in the hands of one hero who is not yet fully aware of his powers and abilities. But it’s not that simple (when is it ever?); the series is set back in an ancient time in a place called Mesoamerica, where the Gods, the evil Gods, and the man-eating beasts roam freely.

Humans are the lowest of the low

onyx equinox

According to this series, humans are the lowest of the low, and the evil Gods decide that humans don’t deserve salvation or mercy. The creatures are seen often disrupting human lives whenever possible. So, the Gods make a bet. According to the bet, Izel, a young boy who is chosen by the Gods, will represent the human race in the gamble.

So, what is the bet?

Izel is tasked with closing the five gates connecting the underworld to the human world, which is nearly impossible. But, Izel didn’t have much say on that. He is handed a magic dagger and also given a beast named Yaotl, who was sent by Tezcatlipoca. The creature can be summoned only by Izel’s blood, and its sole purpose is to make sure Izel succeeds.

The friends he makes along the way to fulfill his destiny, the obstacles faced by him, will he or will he not save humanity from apocalypse is definitely interesting enough to watch. The first trailer was released in June and the second in September. With just two days for the release, we are too eager to wait for Crunchyroll to start streaming the series.

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