Plot of Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness


The thing with Marvel movies is that fans make more plot stories and theories than the writers of the franchise. That sometimes makes the final plot fall into some or at least one of the theories they have.

New Plot Alert!

One such theory that has been going the rounds is as follows. We are not sure about the credibility, but our inane duty is to let your fans know what the talks and rumors surrounding our favorite franchise are.

According to the plot, Doctor Strange, along with Wanda Maximoff, Wong, Mordo, and the Ancient One, is set to return to the sequel. Now the new characters will be as follows, Clea, Jericho Drumm, America Chavez, Cagliostro, Nightmare, and Shuma-Gorath.

Spoiler Alert

Shuma-Gorath, according to the comics, is an ancient entity that feeds off people’s fear. This ancient entity now wants to use America Chavez, a young girl who can create portals between universes, as a mere vessel to fulfill her evil intentions.


Nightmare, who is the worst enemy of many Avengers in the comics, is Shuma-Gorath’s shapeshifting, mind-bending enforcer. He is the one sent to capture America Chavez. While some theory says that he is the reason Wanda loses her mind in Multiverse of Madness. In contrast, this theory shows Scarlett Witch as just a protégée to Doctor Strange.

The New Avengers?

Doctor Strange and Wong rescue Chavez and appoint a team to protect her. The group consists of  Scarlet Witch, Mordo, Clea, and Drumm. In this plot, the Scarlet Witch is learning how to control her powers with Dr. Strange rather than be the one causing troubles.

Clea, according to this theory, is the Ancient One’s estranged daughter born with a connection to the Dark Dimension. At the same time, Drumm is a powerful Voodoo Witch Doctor and former student at Kamar-Taj.

The Dangerous Ritual


Strange comes to a conclusion and plans to contact Cagliostro’s spirit for the ritual, which initially defeated Shuma-Gorath. Mordo goes rogue and tries to kill Chavez before Nightmare gets to her, seeing that the ritual is dangerous.

According to the theory, the final battle happens in the realm of the dead populated by physical manifestations of people’s worst fears and nightmares; now, what can possibly go wrong in this, right?

New Casting

Xochitl Gomez will play America Chavez, and Daveed Diggs will play Jericho Drumm. Bruce Campbell is set to play the sorcerer supreme of a parallel universe.

Rumors about the rest of the casting are as follows, Jeremy Irons as Cagliostro, Vanessa Kirby or Jodie Comer as Clea, Nicholas Hoult as Nightmare as there are reports of Adam Driver turning down the role.

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