Pokemon 2019 Episode 107 Release Date, Preview and Other Details

Pokemon 2019 Episode 107

Here’s what you would want to know about Pokemon 2019 Episode 107.

About Pokemon 2019

Pokémon Journeys: The Series is the eighth installment of the anime series. It covers all areas from the main series games, including Generation VIII’s Pokémon Sword and Shield. To minimise confusion, this series uses the same Japanese name as the first series, which began in 1997 and is formally labeled with the year this series debuted, “2019.” In addition, for the fourth series in a succession, a new art style is adopted.

The two main protagonists in this new series are Ash Ketchum and Goh, as well as their companions Pikachu and Cinderace. It also features Chloe, a little girl with an Eevee, and her father, Professor Cerise, who runs a laboratory in Vermilion City.

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 106 Recap

In a humorous twist, Team Rocket blasts the narrator’s introduction by announcing the launch of a radio broadcast to recruit new Team Rocket agents.

They are really thrilled to begin this performance and to do their best to convey their message. However, at the end of the day, they do not receive a single watch or listener. Kojiro and Nyarth are discouraged, but Musashi encourages them to persevere, and they will soon obtain what they desire. They eventually acquire a script to start their broadcast, but even then, they have no views or visitors this time.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 107 Spoilers

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Pokemon 2019 Episode 107 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 107 will be released on Friday, April 22, 2022. Every new episode of Pokemon 2019 gets released after a period of every 7 days. The release timings will differ depending on what time zones the viewers are from.


Where To Read

You can watch the latest episodes on Gogoanime and Netflix.

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