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Solo Leveling Chapter 174 Release Date And Spoilers

After successfully unleashing Dragon Fear with the help of the Kamish’s rune stone, Jinwoo managed to bring the Monarch of Destruction alone in front of his castle. With the way the last chapter ended with Antares’ transformation into his dragon form, we wonder what’s in store for Solo Leveling Chapter 174. Head down below to find out all the information we have about the upcoming release. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 174 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 174 is scheduled to release on Thursday, November 18th, 2021. 

Recap of Solo Leveling Chapter 173

When Chapter 173 begins, we see the Monarch of Destruction wondering why he’s unable to get in contact with the Monarch of Iron Body and whether it’s because he has betrayed him or if it’s Jinwoo’s doing. He decides to attack Jinwoo right after this thought with a fire blast. The range of his attack is so huge and vast it wreaks havoc in the entire space in front of him, leaving the grounds blazing with fire. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 174

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But Jinwoo manages to dodge and as he flies overhead, he commands ‘Arise’ to his soldiers. The Dragon King scathingly remarks whether Jinwoo is attempting to fight him with only some mere soldiers while he sent his main force to deal with the Monarch of Iron Body. He feels insulted that Jinwoo would not bring his overall best to battle with him. 

Suddenly, a portal appears and as Jinwoo heads in its direction, the Monarch of Destruction suspects whether Jinwoo is trying to run away and declares that he won’t let him escape. And so he follows him but when he crosses over to the other side, it turns out that Jinwoo has tricked him. Throngs of Jinwoo’s army stands in front of him and the Monarch of Destruction guesses that Jinwoo must have already absorbed the Monarch of Iron Body’s troops into his own army. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 174

Jinwoo’s plan has worked. He first defeated the Monarch of Iron Body’s army so he would be stronger when he faced Antares next. The Monarch of Destruction comments that it’s not a bad strategy. But he also has something up his sleeve. Then, we see the Monarch of Transfiguration who has opened up several portals. 

Antares says that by using these portals, he can summon as many troops as he wants. He rejoices in supposedly turning over the table and crushing Jinwoo’s plans. But looks like Jinwoo has another trick up his sleeve as well. Jinwoo smirks and then cancels all his summons, much to Antares’ surprise. 

But the Monarch of Destruction also wrongly assumes that maybe Jinwoo has cancelled his summons because he wants to give up after seeing the overwhelming difference in strength between them. Jinwoo’s main plan has been to use the Kamish’s rune stone and to activate ‘Dragon Fear’, the skill that will cause much damage to the dragon race. 

This renders not only the dragons but also the Monarch of Transfiguration immobile. Antares notices this and as he watches on, Jinwoo quickly makes a grab for him and tells him to follow him. Then they both arrive at a completely different location and Jinwoo tells Antares that they’re now in the opposite side of the world from where Antares’ army stands. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 174

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The Monarch of Destruction realises Jinwoo’s plan all along has been to bring him to this place alone. When he asks Jinwoo if the structure that he sees before him is his castle, Jinwoo replies in the affirmative and Antares comments that it is not that impressive for the Shadow Monarch.

Jinwoo responds that he thought it would be the perfect place to commemorate Antares’ death. As the duo gets ready to battle, the Monarch of Destruction transforms into his dragon form and this is where the chapter ends. 

What are Some Expectations for Solo Leveling Chapter 174? 

Solo Leveling

The official spoilers are not available yet. They’ll be out one or two days before the actual release date. We can expect an intense all out fight between Jinwoo and the Monarch of Destruction. And since the Monarch of Destruction has decided to transform, we know he’s being dead serious about this fight and will give it his all.

He seems to be on a completely different level compared to the other enemies Jinwoo has faced, so Jinwoo will definitely be struggling and it won’t be an easy fight. 

Where to Read Solo Leveling Chapter 174 online? 

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on sites such as Tappytoon, Tapas Media, Kakao page, etc. 


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