Powerful Characters who have hosted Venom


Till now we have enjoyed the bond of Venom and Eddie Brock. They have been amazing together. They might get even stronger in the sequel to the 2018 movie. But one question arises ‘What will happen when the Venom trilogy ends’. MCU has been trying to connect the multiverse and Sony’s Marvel Universe. There is a chance that Venom could make a jump to the MCU. But we have made a list of powerful characters who have hosted Venom.

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Logan: The Wolverine

Marvel Comics confirms that the symbiote and wolverine merged long before Eddie. Logan’s healing powers made him a perfect host for Venom. It was part of the “web of Venom” storyline that took place in the comics. It retconned, rewrote, and expanded the mythology and history of the alien symbiote on earth. But this duo becomes disastrous for the world. So they are separated by a nuclear bomb. This is something we wanna see because Venom Marine(Logan and venom) is capable of causing even more carnage than Carnage himself.

Captain Marvel

When Avengers had to take on Norman Osborne’s team of the dark avengers, Spider-man and Captain Marvel faced a dark spider-man who was hosting Venom. He was actually Matt Gargan a.k.a. the Scorpion. But for some time the black symbiote left Gargan and possessed Danvers. The time span of this merger was very small as spider-man managed to free her. But if we give it a thought then Carol Danvers will be an awesome host for the symbiote.



When Venom left Flash Thompson, they were with the guardians of the galaxy. The Symbiote lashed onto the most chill dude in the team. This gives rise to the scary venomous monster uttering ‘I am Venom’.


Rocket Racoon

Rocket Racoon was connected to the symbiote like his other teammates. Luckily he didn’t host Venom for a long time, otherwise, he would have wreaked havoc on his teammates. Volume 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy showed that the raccoon could take on the entire platoon single-handedly. So using his wit and animalistic tendencies Rocket Venom would actually become the most destructive duo in the galaxy.



Red Hulk-Venom-Spirit of Vengence

In the comics, Red Hulk borrowed the symbiote from Flash Thompson and the spirit of vengeance from Ghost Rider. He turned into the deadliest and scariest being in the Marvel Universe. The Black Symbiote is usually weak around the fire. But in this combo, he becomes stronger. Thaddeus Ross was to turn into Red Hulk within MCU and Ghost Rider is rumored to appear in the coming years. What will happen when Red Hulk’s transformation is accompanied by the black symbiote and Spirit of Vengeance. This trio could become the most devastating villain of Marvel’s upcoming Thunderbolts project.


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