Reasons Why The Eternals Weren’t In Infinity War Or Endgame


Where on Earth were The Eternal when they were most needed? The answer to this question would be revealed when ancient immortal aliens make their MCU debut in Marvel’s second-tier four movies Eternals.

In the comic books, the Eternals are one of the most powerful heroes of the Marvel Universe, and many of them come alive on the big screen in Phase 4. Directed by Chloe, it features a cast full of big-name actors. Eternals will introduce audiences to Ikaris (Richard Madden), Thena (Angeline Jolie), Sersi (Gemma Chan) and more, in a story that spans more than a thousand years and explores the history of MCU.

Eternals cast

The movie might also explain why these characters have waited so long to show themselves. Here’s to why they may not have come for support in the battle with Thanos.

The Eternals Aren’t Allowed To Interfere In Marvel Comics.

The Eternals, whose abilities made them look like gods, lived apart from human beings. It is the wish of their creators to avoid interfering with human affairs until the Celestials return to the planet. So as a result, Zuras – the leader of the Eternals – looked that his people respect this rule.



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The judgment of the Celestials makes sense because the non-participation of the Eternals allowed the Celestials who studied other species such as humans and scientists to observe the natural progression of the evolution of human culture. Gilgamesh is a prime example of how seriously the Eternals take the rules that the Celestials have imposed on them.

Don Lee as Gilgamesh In Marvel’s Eternals

Zuras didn’t forbid all contact with human beings as Eternals like Cersei are allowed to live among them, but Gilgamesh has taken things too far. He misused his powers to become a hero. His actions angered Zuras, who promptly banished Gilgamesh. The mention of his name was also banned, so Gilgamesh was referred to as “The Forgotten One.”

MCU’s Eternals May Not Be Allowed To Get Involved

The alien Eternals have been secretly sharing the land for thousands of years, and the Earth has been threatened on numerous occasions, especially after the New York Chitauri invasion of the Avengers. The rationale is that there must be a reason why the Eternals are no more than an audience at this time and not allowed to take action.

Salma Hayek as Ajak In Marvel’s Eternal

If the Eternals were told to let humanity run its course, it would make sense that the Eternals have remained on the sidelines for so long. That is why the Eternals did nothing when Thanos attacked. The Eternals may be aware of the danger but did not want their own leader (Salma Hayek’s Ajak) or the Celestials to be angry.

Since the film is expected to feature scenes from MCU’s ancient past, Eternals may dive into other scenarios that have struggled with this rule, or show the audience why this rule was made in the first place. While their experiences in Babylon or some other ancient place may have taught the Eternals, interfering can sometimes make matters worse.


The Rules May Change In Phase 4

An official synopsis of the Eternals reveals that the event was related to the Deviant. Any Deviant would be a greater threat to the world than Thanos, especially if their activities were to instigate the Eternal.


Another possible explanation for the sudden change may be from comics. It was expected that the comic book version of the Eternals would respect the Celestials rules about not interfering until the time of their return to Earth. After the Celestials returned, the Eternals – knowing that the future of the entire planet was in danger – decided to set aside the rules and work with the humans and the Deviants.

That’s why Eternals such as Sersi were able to become Avengers in the early 1990s. At the time, the Eternals had already revealed themselves, so hiding was no longer a priority. A similar situation can play out in the Eternals, which provides the platform for many to play more active roles in future MCU films.

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