These 5 Characters Have The Most Screen Time In The Avengers

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The Avengers (2012) marked a huge moment for superhero movies and the MCU. These are the following five characters that appeared the most in the historic film.

Loki (21 Min. 30 Sec.)

Loki with Space Stone In Avengers 2012|

The credit for the Avengers’ starting team-up may be attributed to the villain Loki who ultimately triggered the war that started it all. After his introduction in Thor, Mischief God lives up to his name, escaping death for the first time.

Now, with a vengeance, he uses the sceptre to jeopardize his opponents’ integrity, and waste the Chittauri army into New York. The film is not the last we see of Loki, but the battle between him and the newly established Avenger team proves to be his most memorable contribution to the MCU.

Bruce Banner (21 Min. 45 Sec.)

hulk in Wakanda

Avengers’ most skilled at any natural sciences, he is brought in to discover the Tesseract, hoping that the attack on the Helicarrier will fit well with the Hulk before the transformation. Still, he comes back to the Avengers in New York and helps bring down Chitauri.

Natasha Romanoff (24 Min. 45 Sec.)


The film marks the beginning of Agent Romanoff’s transition between two characters that Barton identifies as a spy and a soldier.

Much is revealed about her character through the pair’s interactions, but she also empathizes with his grief about brainwashing and her conversation with Loki. She talks about her desire to erase the red in her ledger, which motivates her to join the team as an Avenger.

Steve Rogers (28 Min. 15 Sec.)


Probably the most iconic leader of the group, Captain America takes the leadership of the Avengers.

In The Avengers, he recently emerged as a hero, acting as a buffer among his teammates, sometimes as a logical voice, and as a commander on the battlefield.

Tony Stark (31 Min. 45 Sec.)

Robert Downey jr as Tony Stark
Avengers sees the beginning of his shift from “compulsive behaviour,” “self-destructive tendencies,” and “textbook narcissism” in Iron Man 2 to appreciating new ideas while he was in the lab with Banner. And as a team player in the Battle of New York.

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