Why Rebel Moon : The Scargiver Shouldn’t Have Existed?

rebel moon part two: the scaregiver

So far, Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver, has not impressed anyone just like its first part. The critics have shared their reviews, stating that the lackluster character development, the hurried plot, the unclear visuals, and the missed opportunities to create captivating mythology have done nothing but remind us of the flaws of the first movie.

“Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver,” the second installment in the director’s epic tale of a peaceful village on the edge of the universe fighting against its imperial rulers, draws inspiration from a wide range of sources.

There are elements reminiscent of “Star Wars,” complete with lightsabers, as well as nods to “Mad Max,” Caravaggio, John Ford, European art-house films, World War II propaganda, steampunk aesthetics, and cozy cottage-core imagery.

The soundtrack features both eerie children’s choirs and Gregorian chants, while scenes might feature a robot resembling the Green Knight (voiced by Anthony Hopkins.)

rebel moon part two screenshot

Rebel Moon Part Two Plot

With just a few days to get ready for the Imperium’s comeback, the villagers rush to gather the grain that the oppressive force wants so badly. Harvesting, milling, and packaging it all so that the oppressive forces cannot take them. They quickly put together a plan to defend themselves. Titus (played by Djimon Hounsou), the shamed general from the first film, steps up to lead, motivating the villagers with powerful speeches and showing them some basic combat moves.

Once the Imperium shows up, Rebel Moon – The Scargiver becomes all about the action, which can be exciting. There’s a quick moment of tension between Kora and Noble, where Kora almost surrenders. Then the villagers start fighting back.

Just like in the movie before, the massive Motherworld ship arrives, looming over Veldt in broad daylight. But this time, Kora is ready. With Gunnar by her side, she sneaks into the ship using a small spacecraft. Once inside, she strategically places explosives and goes after her archenemy, which results in the warships being destroyed.

Critics have praised Snyder for the details he incorporates in his fight scenes as he goes all out with explosions, gunfire, and slow-motion scenes.

Can We Expect A Part Three?

Part Two of Rebel Moon ends with the revelation of the fact that the character we all thought was dead, was not dead, and was back. It sets a small premise for the yet-to-be-announced part three of the movie but many expect and believe that Zack Snyder is not yet done with the Rebel Moon series.

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