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Rumour: Mabel Cadena To Join Black Panther Wakanda Forever As Nomara

The rumor comes courtesy of fansite Murphy’s Multiverse. According to their sources, Mabel Cadena has joined “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” in an unexpected role, playing Namora of Atlantis.

Mabel Cadena

Even if you’re not familiar with Namora, the context clues will more or less get you where you need to go. Back in 1947, Namor the Submariner got a Bulletgirl to his Bulletman; a Mary Marvel to his Billy Batson. Namora, with her suspiciously well-put-together hair for a person who kept jumping in and out of the ocean, would go on to become an important part of Marvel’s Atlantean mythos.


Cousin to Namor, she’s a half Atlantean, half-human mutant, just like the itty-bitty wing-ankled king himself, and she’s gone on to have her story and character fleshed out over nearly 80-year history, becoming a world-saving hero in her own right and occasional shoulder angel to the historically crabby Namor.

Namora’s presence in “Black Panther 2” is still just a rumor, but there’s enough evidence to make it a compelling one. Behind-the-scenes photo leaks of the film’s set have seen crewmembers working next to enormous water tanks, leading some to speculate that a trip to Atlantis is in the near future.

Will Wakanda find itself at odds with the hyper-advanced undersea kingdom? We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as the story progresses.

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