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Sanji’s Greatest Accomplishments In One Piece

Here is everything you need to know about Sanji’s greatest accomplishments in One Piece.

Sanji Awakened The Power Of Diable JambeSanji Awakened The Power Of Diable Jambe

Sanji’s fight against Jabra saw him tap into the fiery power of Diable Jambe. According to Sanji, when he gets angry, he starts to burn up, and this is why he can set his feet on fire quite easily. This power was tremendous enough for him to take on Jabra. Since then, Sanji’s control over this power has only gotten better, and it’s strong enough to impress against a Yonko Commander as well.

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Sanji Defeated Jabra Of The CP9 Rather EasilySanji Defeated Jabra Of The CP9 Rather Easily

Sanji fought against Jabra of the CP9 during the Enies Lobby arc and did quite well against him. In fact, he didn’t struggle against him at all. Sanji was able to give him a run for his money before ever accessing his strongest power-up, Diable Jambe.

And then, with its power, two kicks were enough to defeat Jabra completely. This was quite an achievement given that Jambe was the third-strongest member of the group.

Sanji Has Earned A Bounty Of 330 Million BerriesSanji Has Earned A Bounty Of 330 Million Berries

After the timeskip, Sanji has gotten extremely powerful and has earned a much higher bounty as well. He got his first bounty raise following the fall of Doflamingo, where his numbers increased to 177 million berries.

After the Whole Cake Island arc, Sanji’s bounty increased even further to 330 million berries, showing how great a pirate he’s become. With time, Sanji’s bounty is going to increase even further and make him one of the most well-known pirates on the seas.

Sanji Became The Wings Of The Pirate KingSanji Became The Wings Of The Pirate King

In the Wano Country arc, the Straw Hat Pirates took on the Beasts Pirates in an attempt to take Yonko Kaido down. On Onigashima, Sanji was given the title of “The Wings of the Pirate King” by none other than Nico Robin.

The title implies that Sanji is one of the most crucial characters in the crew and is necessary in order for Luffy to become the Pirate King. Without him, it is impossible for Luffy to reach the summit of piracy and be crowned as the Pirate King.

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Sanji Is The Greatest Cook On The Seas In One PieceSanji Is The Greatest Cook On The Seas In One Piece

When it comes to cooking, nobody can come close to Sanji. He was an accomplished cook back when he was on Baratie and he’s only gotten better since then. With the Newkama recipes, Sanji’s cooking has gotten even better.

A display of his skill was given in the Whole Cake Island arc where remaking Big Mom’s wedding cake was thought to be an impossible task that would’ve normally taken days. Sanji managed to accomplish the feat in a matter of hours and surpassed all her expectations. By eating the cake, Big Mom was effectively knocked out entirely.

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