SHOCKING Runtime Update For I Am Groot; What Will Happen in I Am Groot Season 2?


The MCU’s newest entry on Disney+ just got its runtime confirmed, but it will be disappointing for some fans.

Although more than half a dozen Disney+ shows have been added to Marvel Studios’ timeline over the last four years, the shows’ runtimes have been a hot topic of conversation for fans in Phase 4 and Phase 5.

Most recently, Secret Invasion, which was hyped up as one of the MCU’s biggest streaming stories, actually broke a frustrating record by coming in with the shortest total runtime of any MCU Disney+ series to date.

MCU’s Next Disney+ Show Gets Runtime Update

I Am Groot writer Ryan Little shared a disappointing update on X (formerly Twitter) regarding the runtime for Season 2 of Marvel Studios’ I Am Groot.

Following the release of Season 2’s first trailer, Little hyped up how much action the team was able to jam into “15 minutes of content:”

“The Boy is back! You won’t believe how much magic we packed into 15 minutes of content.”

This unfortunately makes I Am Groot’s sophomore season even shorter than season 1, which was comprised of 16 minutes of action without credits.

This 15-minute length makes I Am Groot Season 2 the shortest season of MCU content to ever release.

What Will Happen in I Am Groot Season 2?

Fans saw Baby Groot go through some wild but short adventures in his first season on Disney+, all starting from when he grew to his miniature form out of his pot after first coming to life in Guardians of the Galaxy.

This 15-minute runtime confirms that I Am Groot will continue its run as the MCU’s only short-centric property thus far. It’s still unclear if any new moments from Season 2 will be canon with the greater MCU.

Next season will also look to bring in some unexpected new faces to the animated set of shorts, with Jeffrey Wright’s Watcher actually making an appearance in the first new trailer.

And after Marvel consolidated the first season on Disney+, the studio looks forward to adding to its collection of streaming properties as Baby Groot is unleashed on the galaxy once again.

Season 2 of I Am Groot will arrive on Disney+ on September 6.

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