Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Release Date and Spoilers

Solo Leveling: Jin Woo

Sung Jin-Woo has attained immeasurably high power and strength after he became the Shadow Monarch. The plot of our favourite Manhwa has become furthermore interesting as we might get to see many more interesting fights. 

If you want to know more about Solo Leveling Chapter 166, read further for all updates on it! 

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Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 166 will be getting released on September 8, 2021. The release dates and timings depending on the region. 


Solo Leveling Chapter 165 Recap

Here’s a brief description of what happened in Chapter 165:

  • Sung Jin-Woo stands defiantly before the Frost Monarch, who comes to the realization that he’s too weak compared to the Shadow Monarch. However, he has no more chances to escape. 


  • Nevertheless, the Frost Monarch makes the decision to battle him since the options are limited. 
  • He removes his frost dagger and prepares to attack when Jin-Woo shatters it with ease leaving him in utter shock and terror. 
  • Jin-Woo leaves him waiting after telling him that he will return after his meet with the Beast Monarch. He had accurately located the Beast with his highly sensitive senses. 
  • We see the Beast Monarch whose plans to hide from Jin-Woo are thwarted when suddenly he sees his feared enemy standing before him. 
  • The Beast begs for forgiveness since the outcome is an inevitable loss for him, which he agrees to. The sly Beast Monarch smirks and internally laughs thinking how gullible humans are. 
  • However, Jin-Woo has set a condition: he tells him that he’ll forgive him only after he attacks the Beast five times in exchange for forgiveness. The logic is that the longstanding debt of five claw marks will finally be settled. 
  • The Beast Monarch dies after Jin-Woo attacks him with his Kamish dagger. 

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  • The Frost Monarch is shocked to see Jin-Woo return after a few minutes and before he knows it, he’s been murdered by Jin-Woo. 
  • Later, we see our protagonist search for the hunter. When he finds Sung II-Hwan hiding, he calls him “dad” and enquires why he disappeared.



Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Spoilers

  • Will we see more interactions between Jin-Woo and Sung II-Hwan? The reasons for his dad’s self-imposed disappearance from his family and country might be revealed. 
  • Will Jin-Woo fight the remaining Monarchs like the Dragon king? 

Where To Read Solo Leveling

You can read this amazing Manhwa on TapasMedia, KakaoPage, and TappyToon.


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