Blue Lock Chapter 145 Release Date and Spoilers: Rin’s Ego Soars

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Blue Lock just got a lot more interesting as we’re about to see the final outcome of the fight between Japan U-20 and Blue Lock. This match is furthermore complicated by the fact that Rin’s personal ambitions might be the deciding factor of this match. 

The last two minutes of the match have headed towards a climactic finish. The tension and emotions of the Blue Lock players are palpable as we see how they’re rushing in towards their opposition. 

If even one of them makes a minor mistake, they’re doomed as the match ends in a draw. We understand your excitement and that’s why we’ve brought you everything you need to know about Blue Lock Chapter 145.

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Blue Lock Chapter 145 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be released on the 8th of September 2021. There are no delays yet but if there are some unforeseen ones, we’ll let you know. 

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Blue Lock Chapter 144 Recap

The previous chapters show how Rin’s personal ego has taken over him. 

  • Earlier, Hiori was in control of the ball and the match. He knew what moves would work for them to win. 
  • But Rin snatched the ball away and decided to be the victor, the goalscorer. 
  • We get a peek into how the relationship between Rin and his brother impacts this match. Sae had earlier warned him not to play football for someone else’s benefit. 
  • Rin takes this “advice” and marches on forward, thinking that he can do the best. 
  • He snatched the ball because of the fear of being mediocre in the match and he wanted to prove his worth. He clashed with Nero and overpowered him with mere speed and agility in the field. Next, he defeats another defender, Darai. 
  • His mind is preoccupied with defeating the defenders by cleverly using their strength against themselves. 
  • Meanwhile, Aiku acutely observes Rin’s greed and selfishness. Aiku is the one who stands between Rin’s chance at securing a goal and the goalkeeper. Will he intercept it? 

Blue Lock


Blue Lock Chapter 145 Spoilers

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Rin and Sae used to share an unusually competitive relationship. Rin always used to play football keeping in mind Sae and that’s why he didn’t enjoy football as much. 

However, when he joined Blue Lock and his talent was recognised and praised by many, his ego became a huge issue. That’s why in the previous chapter, we saw how he could forsake his team for personal glory. 

Aiku is a specially talented defender who is particularly good at observing people’s emotions. He’ll probably prevent Rin from scoring a goal. That will have dire implications for Blue Lock and Rin might be expelled. 


Where To Read Blue Lock

Kodansha is a good website for reading Blue Lock. 

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