Who Is Sophia Di Martino? All You Need To Know About The Lady Loki

Is The Female Loki Really Bad? Something About Her Seems Suspicious!
The fan theory about the Lady Loki clearly isn’t just a theory anymore. Fans will be seeing Sophia Di Martino on screen as the female version of Loki in the series.

According to the original comics, Loki first became a female when he stole a body meant for Lady Sif and changed his form. Therefore, many theories have already been surrounding the character of the Lady Loki.

Some fans speculate that MCU’s Lady Loki might be an evolution of Loki himself rather than an alternate version. Although there has been no confirmation as such, the new series sure has a lot in store for us.

Who Is The Lady Loki?

Sophia Di Martino is the female version of Loki who is attacking the “Sacred Timeline”. According to Radio Times, Di Martino said Tom Hiddleston had looked after her and helped her a lot with Lady Loki’s character.

At the moment, we’re still not sure how Lady Loki came to be and what factor she will contribute to in the cinematic world. We’re looking forward to seeing if she will be a friend or foe to the Loki we are familiar with, as we follow the series.

Meet Sophia Di Martino, The Lady Loki

  • Sophia Di Martino is a 37-year-old British Actress. She was born on November 15, 1983. Her zodiac sign is a Scorpio.
  • Martino had previously expressed that Hiddleston knows everything there is to know about his Loki character. ‘‘Tom is like a Loki encyclopaedia on legs” she said.
  • She was confirmed for the cast for the Loki series back in 2019.
  • Apart from Loki, Martino is best known for her performance in “Flower,” a TV show created by Will Sharpe. She received critical acclaim for her excellent work as Amy Flowers in the show.
  • The actor is in a relationship with writer and actor Will Sharpe. No other past relationships of Martino are known.
  • Martino leads a very private life. The actor also reportedly had a baby late in 2019.

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