Spider-Man 3: Alfred Molina Spotted On Set As Doctor Octopus


Finally, this has given us the hope that if we fans keep spinning theories and continue creating hypes on our own, Marvel is bound to give in and do it.


Spidey Verse Theory Still on the Table!

Maybe this Spider-Man multiverse theory wasn’t too off to be a reality as Alfred Molina is set to reprise his role as Doctor Octopus in the untitled Spider-Man 3 movie.

Late last month, there was news circulating that Alfred Molina was spotted on set, and many didn’t budge because fans were really going crazy with the multiverse possibility theory. But it looks like it wasn’t just some illusion.


Doctor Octopus will always find a way.



According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alfred Molina, who played the pain in the butt Dr. Octopus in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, is returning to the Spider-Man franchise in the now Tom Holland led film.

The shooting for Spider-Man 3 is underway, and Marvel is actually known for keeping things under wrap until the day of release, but fans have sniffed so much already about the Spider-Man 3 movie.


When do they start filming?

Marvel and Sony are yet to give their comments on this matter. Now, if this is how it is, then according to the cast and the characters they play, we know this third movie is definitely a spider-verse movie and will see all three Spider-Man in it.

We don’t have the details yet; since Andrew Garfield is busy shooting another movie in New York, there are possibilities that he will join the cast along with Toby Maguire anytime now or when his new movie shoot will get over. According to Tom Holland, the shoot will go on for six more months so Andrew and Tobey can join next year too.



Villains Unite!

Jamie Foxx as Electro

Now that Alfred Molina, who played the villain in Spider-Man 2, and Jamie Foxx, who played Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2, are in the movie, along with the multiverse specialist, Doctor Strange, then there is no doubt that this movie is a spider-verse movie.

Given that Marvel is not going to accept this fact, it’s better to contain the happiness in our hearts and keep jumping until next year when it’s released.

Marvel news has been raining on us now that all the phase 4 products are set in motion; the latest news is mostly from the set of Hawkeye series with Hailee Steinfeld dressed as Kate Bishop.

This news has already had the fans buzzing, and this is a much needed good news from Marvel to its fans for not giving any Marvel content this year. Also, remember that Sony has promised the first look of Spider-Man 3 by this year-end, so get ready for the title reveal too!




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