Tom Holland Shares First Look of Spider-Man 3 By Mistake


Our fan-favorite Tom Holland, cannot contain his excitement and is as excited as we are for Spider-Man3.

First Look

Man, do you too badly want to find the movie title since I am already tired of typing Spider-Man 3. Sony has promised us to give the first look by 2020 so, let’s hope the movie title also gets unveiled that time only. But looks like Holland has already dropped the first look.

Even though we want Tom Holland to drop some more spoilers so badly, we also want him not to violate his contract. God, this is indeed the hardest decision we ever had to make.

Spoiler Baby trying to be Cool

But Tom Holland was trying to fool us by opening the script while he was recording a video. Even though the video was to annoy us, by mistake, Tom dropped the iPad that had the script with probably the movie title too, and you should see the panic in his eyes.

Sony had earlier promised us that it would release the poster for the movie by 2020 so this GIF might be from the photoshoot. We also received news that Benedict Cumberbatch is in Atlanta and has started shooting for Spider-Man 3.

GIF of Dance

Tom Holland shared a GIF of him in the Spidey suit a few days back. He is standing in front of a green screen and above some white thingy. There is a technician guy sitting below Tom doing something, with a strange expression on his face once he sees Holland dancing and doing hand waves.

Suddenly we have no idea if it’s for a poster picture or some promo or if it was merely a part of the movie. But many things indicate that the shooting has started for the untitled sequel and that it might be a scene in the movie (not him dancing…even though we would like that). Mann, I wish that I was that technician right now.


Old Suit

One thing is for sure, though, according to die-hard fans, the suit Tom Holland is wearing is the suit he had in the Homecoming movie. In Far From Home, with the help of Happy, Peter Parker updated his suit. So, this means he is either doing a flashback scene or merely a GIF Holland shared now, which was recorded back when shooting Homecoming.

GIF of Betrayal?

Did Tom Holland tease the fans again and think he could help Marvel by shifting the focus? Because if that’s what he tried, then our Spidey failed miserably. As there are tons of speculation going around right now after the video.

All I want for this Christmas is to be one the set of Spider-Man 3. God, can you get Santa to do that for me?

Just Theories?

Theories of Spidey Verse, Loki jumping into Spider-Man 3, and previous Spideys making an appearance still remain as nothing but theories. Oh, to be a bee in that set right now. God, I have lost it; I am jealous of a bee right now! Spider-Man 3 releases on December 17th, 2021

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