Takt Op Destiny Episode 7 Release Date and Spoilers

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Takt Op Destiny Episode 7 might just reveal what exactly is Symphonica and how it upholds peace in society. The last episode was a very soothing slice of life-esque stuff; it was just there for us to see the characters interact with others. Regardless of there being no action in it, it was a good episode and a nice change of pace.

But what awaits Takt and Destiny in their journey now? The involvement of Sagan and Felix seems a bit alarming to me but only time will tell. As of now, we can only wait for the next episode. And, to make it a bit easy for you, here are all the release details you need. Scroll down and enjoy. 

Takt Op Destiny Episode 7 Release Date:

Takt Op Destiny Episode 7 is all set to release on November 16, 2021. The new episodes come on a weekly basis, every Tuesday.

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A Recap of Takt Op Destiny Episode 6:

The episode begins with Anna, Destiny, and Takt reaching New Orleans. For the city that gave birth to jazz, it was quite dull and bleak. But for Anna, it was a relief as the danger of D2s was very less and she could shop for the essentials in peace. 

anna and destiny takt op destiny episode 6

However, it didn’t mean that she was free from the burden of responsibilities. As it turns out, she along with Destiny finds herself helping several people in the town. Whether be it fixing the porch, delivering groceries, or rescuing the cat. 

Takt was in the car while the girls were out helping others in the name of shopping. After having a good amount of sleep, he ventures out and finds himself in a cafe. He looks around and hears some music coming from under the cafe.

Takt being Takt, he rushes towards the melody and sees that there’s an underground bar. Additionally, the bar has a lot of cassettes and he is quite amazed to see them. Amidst all of them, he also finds one of his father’s songs.

takt in a bar takt op destiny episode 6

The folks in the bar are quite the talkative ones and reminisce about the golden era. Later on, after a small chit-chat Takt reveals that Asahina was his father. 

The Revival:

Everyone around him is surprised and happy. Moreover, the bartender takes him to a secret place where there are several musical equipments along with a piano.

Upon seeing the piano, Takt races towards it and announces that he’s going to play the piano. And everyone rejoices after listening to the young man’s rendition. For a moment in the room, the golden era was back for the people who were there.

Anna and Destiny also join him after coming from the house of a lady who mistakenly thought of Anna as her daughter. Both of them are happy to see that Takt was able to play piano after such a long time. Also, Destiny somehow was giving the vibes of Cosette in this particular episode.

Sagan Takt Op Destiny Episode 6

In the final minutes of the episode, Sagan’s musicart brings him the news of Takt Asahina being alive. The Chief Executive Officer of Symphonica was happy to hear the news. But, there is something fishy about it, something just that doesn’t feel right. Or is it just me who’s overthinking?

What Can You Expect From Takt Op Destiny Episode 7?

Considering that we don’t have any source material for the anime, not much speculation(s) can not be made. Although the episodes by far are kind of episodic, one can make theories regarding Hell’s involvement in The Boston Accident. After all, Felix Schindler seems like a goody-two-shoes.

jigaku musicart

But again, that’s just a theory, it can be wrong too. Now, they have crossed New Orleans, New York awaits their arrival. 

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Where To Watch It?

You can watch the action-fantasy anime on Crunchyroll. For the Asian fans (in some countries only), it is available on Ani-One Asia and Bilibili.


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