Blue Period Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers!


The exam is full-on and Yatora and his classmates are bearing the brunt of the stress and confusion. Yatora is on a journey to learn more about himself despite numerous accidents he undergoes! If you wish to know everything about the upcoming episode, Blue Period Episode 9, read further.

Blue Period Episode 9 Release Date 

The upcoming episode of Blue Period will be getting released on November 19, 2021.

Blue Period Episode 8 Recap

Yatora looks around in the environment and how other examinees are coping with the exam assignment offered to them. He comes up with an innovative concept to paint his self-portrait. 

Blue Period Visual
Blue Period Visual

An examinee accidentally breaks his board and mirror while he is busy scribbling his thoughts. Yatora is obviously concerned about the influence of the broken mirror on his passing grades. However, he doesn’t lose his motivation and strives to improve his concept after seeing the smashed mirror.

The teacher is kind enough to present him with a spare mirror and is intrigued by his work. Yatora’s philosophy is duality, because of which he attempts to create a horizontal version of himself by separating his face.

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Recognizing that everyone is nervous before the exam, Yatora is concerned as well, but resolved to give it his all. The next day, everyone feels depressed from the exam at cram school. 


Mrs. Ooba walks in and announces that they’ll be going on a field trip to have a fresh start. She goes on to describe the evaluation procedure at Tokyo University of the Arts. If one of the judges responds, “OK,” the examinee passes the first exam. 

Two judges must mention it in the second exam. The decision about whether to accept the candidate will be based on the submitted dessin, oil painting, and sketchbook.

Where To Watch Blue Period

You can watch the latest episodes of Blue Period on Netflix


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