Taskmaster Costume Details Revealed In New Black Widow Movie Image


A new image from the now-delayed Black Widow movie offers a closer look at the film’s villain, Taskmaster, while still keeping his identity a secret.

A new Black Widow image shows the film’s mysterious villain Taskmaster and offers a close-up look at his costume. Ever since the first trailer for Black Widow, Taskmaster has remained a prominent part of the film’s marketing, though his identity is still shrouded in secrecy. In the comics, Taskmaster can perfectly mimic the fighting style of anyone he watches, and that ability looks to translate into his first feature film appearance.

Fans have already noted the many fighting styles Taskmaster has replicated in the trailers, from Captain America’s (Chris Evans) to Black Panther’s (Chadwick Boseman). It’s not yet clear who is behind the skull mask, though there are certainly lots of theories out there.

Initially set for a May 1 release, Black Widow has since been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Black Widow is one of many big releases that have been moved because of the outbreak as moviegoers are staying at home and theatres remain shuttered around the world. With an interconnected franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this could spell trouble for the rest of Phase Four, though reportedly Black Widow’s delay won’t affect the rest of the timeline since it is a prequel.

The new image of Taskmaster was shared on Reddit by anilsoi11, who in turn got it from Empire. While the picture doesn’t show Taskmaster doing anything remarkable, it’s one of the best looks fans have gotten so far at the villain, allowing a better look at the details of his costume. You can see it in the space below:

new Taskmaster Photo from marvelstudios

The final trailer for Black Widow confirmed Taskmaster is the head of the Red Room, the organization that trained Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) to be an assassin as a young girl. Natasha’s mission in Black Widow is to dismantle the Red Room and prevent it from hurting any more girls like her, which puts her in direct opposition to Taskmaster. Based on one trailer shot of Taskmaster watching Natasha fight, he’s already very familiar with her, and that will inevitably lead to a challenging battle for Nat.

Taskmaster is poised to be an exciting villain, especially if his identity reveal proves to be a real shock to audiences. Several potential candidates have already been dismissed, but there are still some viable options. For this to really be something that affects Natasha, Taskmaster’s real identity should have a personal connection to the Avenger. This is Natasha’s most personal mission yet, and one that has been long in the making, so Black Widow will hopefully nail the Taskmaster reveal whenever it makes its way out into theatres.

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