Taylor Swift is Coming To MCU!!

With Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige being a fan of the Mutant Dazzler, it’s likely a matter of time before she joins the MCU. But could her arrival happen in the upcoming Deadpool 3 with none other than Taylor Swift attached to the role?

Dazzler might not instantly spring to mind when someone mentions the X-Men, but that has never stopped the music-making Mutant from being a definite fan favorite.

For the uninitiated, Alison Blaire aka, Dazzler has been featured on the pages of Marvel Comics since 1980. She’s served as a member of the X-Men, but she’s more known to devotees as an in-universe pop music superstar.

Is Taylor Swift Playing Deadpool 3’s Dazzler?

Recently, the rumor mill kicked into high gear when word circulated that the mega-popular recording artist Taylor Swift would turn in an appearance as the X-Men hero Dazzler in 2024’s Deadpool 3.

Fandango’s Erik Davis quote-tweeted the viral rumor on X, recalling that Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige himself loves Dazzler:

“Many years ago I asked Kevin Feige if he were to ever direct his own Marvel movie, which character would he want to focus on. He said Dazzler. He’s a big fan.”

Several scoopers were quick to jump on this story as well, denying its accuracy.

In point of fact, this has not been the first time that Swift was heavily speculated to be portraying Dazzler in a Marvel movie.

Back in 2016, the comic book movie and Taylor Swift-focused internet corners of the internet were rife with fans postulating over whether or not Swift was in X-Men: Apocalypse during the lead-up to the Fox-produced film.

The guesswork got so fervent (partly fueled by a photo of Swift with some of Apocalypse’s cast and crew) that MTV News took it upon itself to debunk the story by making an inquiry to producer Simon Kinberg, who denied she was ever involved in the X-Men installment.

Ever since, there’s been a healthy amount of fan art depicting the “Shake It Off” singer in character as Dazzler, one such example of which can be seen below, created by artist Steven Defendini:

Will Taylor Swift Actually Play Dazzler?

It’s plain to see that there are a lot of people who want to see this happen, perhaps Kevin Feige included. But does that mean, that T-Swizzle will actually join the cast of Deadpool 3 and make a cameo as Dazzler?

First off, it’s important and quite intriguing to note that the third Deadpool movie will seemingly bring in various Multiversal heroes and villains, much like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness did, only bigger in scale.

Indeed, names like James Marsden as Cyclops and Chris Evans as the Human Torch (and many more) have floated around the rumor mill as of late. Lending credence to the notion that the threequel will be a celebration/takedown of all things Fox Marvel is the fact that a literal giant 20th Century Fox logo was spotted on the Deadpool 3 set.

Even actors who never actually cropped up as Marvel heroes, but were speculated or confirmed to for years (such as Channing Tatum as Gambit) have been named by scoopers as being on the call sheet for Deadpool 3. Whether or not any of them show up is a different story, but the volume level of these declarations has been high enough to cause fans to think they might hold some water.

Obviously, Taylor Swift is one of the most popular musicians in America and she has more than cemented her own status as a modern-day icon. She also seems like the type of person who would be game to do a quick guest spot in a Marvel movie for the fun of it.

Furthermore, Kevin Feige is the man in charge and the one who gets the wheels in motion for the MCU. If he wants Dazzler in Deadpool 3, then naturally, Dazzler will be in Deadpool 3.

So who knows, maybe the world’s Swifties will have their day and their hero will turn up in the full Dazzler sequined jumpsuit in this third Deadpool outing?

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