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Spider-Man: No Way Home Leak That Has Reddit Users Buzzing

Spider Man;

Reddit users have always been the first to figure things about Marvel or any other movie, to be frank, and this time they have info on the leaks about Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Leaks

We have been hearing a lot of rumors about No Way Home ever since it was first announced. The rumors surrounding this movie are no immense.

Even though we never had the title of the movie for so long, we finally got the title a few months back, but Marvel has officially confirmed nothing else.

To our astonishment, even Tom Holland has been very quiet about the movie and hasn’t told anything about it or given out spoilers.


Here are some recent leaks which are claimed to be true by this Reddit user.

A scene from No Way Home
A scene from No Way Home

Are Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield appearing in No Way Home?

This is the question that has been asked more this year and last year than “where is my mask?” But according to this source, like the others, they claim that it is true, and they both will appear.

But this source comes with a twist. The source confirms their appearances and says that events won’t tie into Doctor Strange 2 rather, they will happen simultaneously.

According to this leak, it is said that Doctor Strange will be seen handling both the events side by side.


When do the events of No Way Home take place?

No Way Home takes place immediately after the events of Far From Home. The source claims that the first act is filled with Peter Parker dealing with this chaos.

It also says that many small villains will be after him, like the Spider slayers, Toomes, Scorpion, and Shocker, and will be only cleared of the allegation at the end of the movie by Matt Murdock.

It is said that he won’t be taking his Daredevil form and will only help him as a lawyer. This source also says that Molina and Foxx will take up their previous roles as predicted and have their respected accidents in the first act.

keep this in mind, these are just theories that are claimed to be true. we just read these for the time being and wait for the movie to know anything for sure.









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