TFATWS Episode 5: What Is In The Box That Bucky Gave To Sam?

The-Falcon and the Winter Soldier

In the ending part of the Falcon and The Winter Soldier today, we got to see Bucky give Sam a box that he got from the Wakandans.

What was the favor Bucky asked the Wakandans?

Bucky sure did end up being more than just the 100-year-old grumpy guy with a metal arm. Thanks to the Falcon and The Winter Soldier, we got to see a lot of other sides to Bucky.

It is refreshing to see Bucky smile without anything looming over him, and we have seen that smile only in this episode. Once Bucky gives Zemo his goodbyes and hands him over to the Wakandans, we get to see him ask them for another favor.

At first, we thought it was just him asking for a ride home, but it was totally something else.

Wakandans, The Official Sponsors of Avenger Tech?

Now that Tony Stark is gone, the only people we know who could make mad technology like him is the Wakandans. We already saw Bucky’s new and improved metal arm, and according to our guesses, this might be the next state-of-the-art weapon out of Wakanda.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier made a lot of connections to the Wakandans, and we got to see them roaming in and around freely.

There are many chances that the box contains Falcon’s wings.

What Happened to Falcon’s Wings?

Last we saw, the wings were being ripped apart by John Walker when Bucky and Sam tried to get the shield from him.

Later, Wilson hands over the wings to Joaquin Torres and leaves with the shield for some bizarre reason.

The government is not using force to get the shield, and that itself proves that they are not legally capable of confiscating it. Well, Val also thinks the same.

But we cannot see Falcon without his wings, and fans were wondering how he will get them now that Tony is not around.

Thanks to Bucky, he got a new set of wings. As far as we could think, the box has new and improved wings. So, let’s hope it’s that because they might need that a lot in the next episode.







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