The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 Episode 5, Release Date and Spoilers

Noe has been drugged by Jean Jacques and forced to read his memories. Meanwhile, Chloe continues to run her Alteration Engine as Jeanne hunts for the Beast.

What is the real identity of the Beast? What does Noe find out about Jean Jacques’ past? Are Vanitas and he reunited? Does Vanitas finally find the Book of Vanitas? Read this article to find everything you need to know about The Case of Vanitas Season 2 Episode 5.

About The Case Study of Vanitas

The Case Study of Vanitas is set in 19th century Paris. It follows Noé and Vanitas, a mysterious doctor who specialises in vampires. They use the grimoire called the Book of Vanitas to heal cursed vampires.

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Recap of The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 4

Jean Jacques drugs Noe and forced him to use his blood-reading abilities. Noe sees in this dreamy state vignettes of Chloe and Noe as children. We catch a glimpse of their tender meeting in a forest and they instantly strike a friendship as both of them are vampires and outcasts.

A Chasseur and the Senate’s bourreau are hunting for the Beast of Gevaudan which killed the Marquis. Chloe has been cast away by humans and vampires alike because everybody including Jeanne, the hellfire witch, believes she is the Beast.

The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 Episode 5

But really Chloe only voluntarily became a curse-bearer for Jean-Jacques as she wanted to protect him. Meanwhile, Jean Jacques becomes the Beast and goes out. Noe breaks open from the cell Jean Jacques had locked him in.

After he wakes up from the vision, he finds himself in front of Vanitas. Their reunion provides comic relief as Vanitas chides Noe for disappearing. He also concedes that he was worried about him, and the chemistry between them is developing really well.

The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 Episode 5

Noe explains to him about Jean Jacques’ real identity. But one question remains unresolved. If Jean Jacques turned into the Beast to protect Chloe, who was behind the slaughter of humans before that?

Vanitas explains that the church created the legend of the Beast to be able to purge Vampires after vampire-hunting was no longer officially sanctioned. Astolfo appears and Noe volunteers to hold him back so that Vanitas can get The Book of Vanitas from Chloe.

When he demands it of her, she humorously replies that she had left it lying somewhere on the floor but could not remember where. She is operating the Alteration Engine and the floor is covered with tubes and a big machine there is a core of light and energy in the middle.

Vanitas S2E5

Chloe activates the Alteration Engine to erase Gevaudan. But wiping out a place as vast as this, Vanitas realises, might lead to serious consequences.

Naneia is laughing in a sinister manner but suddenly his shadowy form starts changing and he takes on a material form. Chloe lays a hand on her and delivers a chilling dialogue that Naenia was now within her reach.

Spoilers for The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 Episode 5

The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 Episode 5 is titled “Hands upon a nightmare”. We will probably see the plot of Naenia being forced to assume a corporeal form advance further. Chloe can finally confront Naenia without being overwhelmed by its murky presence hanging over her all the time. We will also see the fight between Astolfo and Noe in the next episode and find out if Jeanne learns the truth about the Beast’s true identity.

When will The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 Episode 5 be released?

The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 Episode 5 will be released on Friday, 11 February 2022.

Where to Watch?

You can watch The Case Study of Vanitas at Animeepisode.

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