The City In The Quantum Realm: Everything You Need To Know


Quantum Realm went on to be something they speak about which no one cares in the first Ant-Man movie to something which brings half of the world population back in Endgame.

Quantum Realm

Quantum Realm has been seen in Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and the Wasp and the Endgame. While the importance of the realm is not much known to Scott Lang, but Janet Van Dyne might be an expert by now. She did spend 30 years in there and unlike Scott, she aged inside the realm, so until we get any proper explanation on that, we clearly have no theory in that area.

Ant-Man and The Wasp


But what came as a surprise to many fans when the 2018 Ant-Man and the Wasp were released is the city that was seen in the quantum realm inside a bubble in the background. While fans were quick to notice that, Marvel never gave any explanation on what it was doing there.

According to some theories we have had before, the quantum realm didn’t have any specific or living things in it. But clearly, it’s not the case in the MCU now. The city, according to some, is where Kang the conqueror, the space mongering Napoleon lives.

Janet Van Dyne

When you see Janet Van Dyne, she has grown old in the realm and also has survived 30 years in there without anything from the outer world. How did she survive without food or water? So that means, there is s proper explanation on what’s going on in there. Also, she was wearing a robe kind of a like the one worn by the Ancient One and where did you think she got it?

That just proves that the city in background wasn’t just for décor, but it means there is a population in the realm.

City of Chronopolis

Ever since Marvel announced Kang as the villain for Ant-Man 3, theories have been spinning around like crazy. According to one, the city in the realm is Chronopolis where Kang sits on the throne with his crazy sidekick, the time-travelling armchair.

Kang The Conqueror



Even though Kang has come closer to rule the Earth many times, he has failed somehow either being defeated by fantastic four and now probably by Ant-Man and team.

Now since Kang is being introduced in the MCU for the first time, we can expect to see some of his out of time city and if or when it protected Janet Van Dyne. Our guesses are she was in the town and thought Kang might help but probably found out he was crazy and stayed away from him running and figuring out all kinds of stuff in the realm. And Kang might come to Earth in search of Janet Van Dyne or for more significant purposes.

Ant-Man 3

The OG Wasp might be on to something. She was able to communicate with the blob-like thing when it barricaded their way and also she survived in there for so many years. Scott might have some answers too but was too busy in Endgame that’s why didn’t say anything, you know like eating Tacos and Noodles.

Well, it looks like we would have to wait for Ant-Man 3 to confirm our theories, or please God, someone tells the story to Tom Holland so that he could leak it for us.

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