The Demon Slayer Movie Is On A Rampage!


The Demon Slayer Movie Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is literally on a rampage, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time. When the movie first premiered in Japan last year, it became the highest-grossing film in Japan, beating Spirited Away once considered unbeatable. 


Also, it has done remarkably well at the box offices, bringing in a total of over US$474 million or 51.5 Billion Yen all over the globe.


This is a jaw-dropping feat because no other Japanese or anime film has been able to cross the US$400 Million milestones. At this point, the movie is busy making new world records, shattering other amazing records with ease.

Watch the trailer here:


This Demon Slayer Movie got a great theatrical release in the US and Canada. It was released to much pomp and hype on the 23rd of April. 


One amazing aspect of the Demon Slayer Movie’s records is that it has achieved this feat even with an R rating classification. It got an R-rating because of some bloody and violent scenes that have been triggering for many and won’t be suitable for all.

Will The Demon Slayer Movie Be On Netflix?

Unfortunately, the movie isn’t available on Netflix yet. It will be premiering in theatres for some time and earn some box office revenue. 


Also, don’t expect it to arrive on Netflix any sooner. However, there’s a good chance that it will premiere next year in 2022. Let’s keep up the hope!

Where Can I Watch Demon Slayer Movie?

Not all fans have been unable to get access to a theatre hall that is screening the movie. So, if you’re one of the unlucky, you might have to wait till the end of June. Only then, it’ll be available for streaming on many digital platforms.

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