The Kissing Booth 3: Who Is The One: Noah Or Marco?

The Kissing Booth 3 Love Triangle

Marco’s first appearance is in Kissing Booth 2, where he and Elle share sizzling chemistry that turns to be a sore subject between Elle and Noah. The 3rd chapter of this sequel brings a clash between Noah and Marco as they pine for Elle’s attention. From a Mario cart race, to a rift during a game of beach volleyball, the boys go through it all.

Marco gets a job at the water park and makes his presence significant in the lives of Elle and Noah. With Marcos sudden return in Elle’s life, Noah and Elle fall back to a bad phase in their relationship.

Marco goes on to be the supportive friend Elle needs and ends up confessing his love for her and tries to convince her that Noah is not the right one for her. Devastated by Marco’s return and Elle’s secret of getting into Berkeley, Noah ends things with Elle. Like all good things, Elle and Noah’s relationship comes to an end.

The Kissing Booth 3

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As this being the last chapter, we do not know whom Elle ends up with. Rachel and Lee find their way back to one another and 6 years later are engaged. Elle and Noah are far from history by then and are happy in their lives. They do meet one last time near the kissing booth where all the magic first began and go on to leading lives separate from one another.

Is this the ending the audience was hoping for? Was Elle better off with Marco? These are questions for which the answer, we will never know. The ending is open to interpretation. Watch the movie here.

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