The Witcher: Henry Cavill Breaks Down The Fight In Blavikan Market


The Witcher might have many reasons why it has been a massive hit for Netflix, but one among every fan that stands as the reason they love it will be the Blaviken market fight scene.

An Oath to remember

A lot was happening in that scene, and it was way too emotional for us to watch. We wanted them both to be right, and we wanted them both to stay alive. But as Geralt said, when they cross their swords, it wasn’t going to end well.

But seriously tho, I wish they had just killed that bastard, and both lived freely. Well, for a monster hunter, our Witcher does have a lot of conscience.

This is where Geralt took his oath to never interfere in anything ever again unless it concerns him, and as a remembrance of that, he took Renfri’s brooch and put it up in the tilt of his sword.

The Work That Goes Into

We know for a fact that a fight scene is tough to film. The actors and stunt doubles, and the stuntmen need a lot of practice of even one shot of the scene.

It looks super cool and fast for us, but every angle and precision matters when it comes to the fight scene.

In a newly released video, Henry Cavill explains the essential things to notice while they shot the Blaviken fight scene.

Shot By Shot


image: Netflix

It is refreshing to get new content about the Witcher after a long time, right? With this video, we could see Cavill explain each and everything that went into the fight scene.

From using a half wooden sword for the safety of the actors to making it into that legendary long sword of the Witcher in that scene to every angle they had to keep up, everything has been explained by Henry Cavill in the video.

One thing is for sure tho, the scenes which are shot with so much dedication are the ones that impress us the most.

According to Cavill, the Renfri actor also had to take up a lot of classes just for this scene which ended up becoming one of the most memorable scenes for every fan.

Some even say that this fight scene was the best one yet in the history of Television shows.

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