How Old Is Geralt By The End of First Season?

The thing with shows like The Witcher is that they have a lot of stories to tell and a lot of mysteries to uncover that they leave things like these for the fans to guess on their own.

Very rarely are fans given the exact age and birth year of the characters. With sci-fi movies or shows with magic and monsters and add long life to the mix, it is almost impossible to get your facts right.

Geralt’s Mutations

Geralt looks a lot younger for his age. Before the release of the first season, the showrunner has revealed that Geralt is almost 100 years old.

Now given the mutations in him and the magic Witchers use, it is no shocker. Geralt has different ages in everything, to be frank. In the books, he is most probably within 50 to 100 years old.

In the video games, his age is different, but the show has fixed it as such.

The Witcher Aging Process


Within the Witcher universe, there are a lot of unanswered questions. We know this for sure that the mutant genes of Geralt are the one slowing down his aging process.

Now the first season alone runs over half a century, and if he was around 100 years old when the season began, then by the time he unites with Ciri, Geralt is 150 years old.

Well, he certainly doesn’t look like it.

The official timeline of season 1 starts during 1210 and ends with Ciri joining Geralt at Sodden Hill during 1263.

So, given the vague description of being around 100 years old, we can approximately put him under the 150 to 200 years old category.

Other characters and their age

The same goes for Yennefer. But lucky us, we got their exact age, thanks to Anya Chalotra. During an interview, Chalotra revealed that Yennefer was 14 years old when Tissaia de Vries bought Yennefer from her stepdad.


That puts her at the age of 77 during the Battle of Sodden Hill. But Yennefer looks younger, and the credit goes to her magic.

Yennefer and Geralt both have the power to live long, age slower, but it doesn’t come without consequences.


To use magic to hide their age or be able to do it efficiently, both Geralt and Yennefer have to give up their dream of having a family.

The books stated that fertility and magic do not mix, and that’s why all the sorceress and witches are barren.

Ciri was born in 1249 and is 14 years old when she met Geralt in 1263. She might also have a way with aging, given the power that lurks within her.

The most confusing thing is Jaskier’s age. He doesn’t seem to age, even though he is just a human in the show.

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