WandaVision: Marvel Merchandise Reveals First Scene of 8th Episode


If you don’t want to know what the 8th episode of WandaVision will look like, then do not read after this line. This article contains spoilers for the upcoming episode.

The unanswered questions

WandaVision ended on a big note last week, and fans have been dying to find out what happens next. With a lot of spoilers for the 8th episode leaking online, this one sure did get our attention.

The next episode will have to answer a lot of lingering questions, and Wanda will have to stop letting someone else tie her up powerless like this and get up.



Even though Agatha Harkness is Scarlet Witch’s mentor in comics, the show doesn’t have any indication of it. Well, fans still think Agatha is also forced to do it for the devil, Mephisto.

We would have to wait for some more time to find out how true that is. Well, as of now, we got the first scene of the next episode.

Merchandise Reveal

WandaVision merchandise has been giving us some important clues from the start. Now it has given us a T-shirt where it has a print of Agatha and Wanda in the basement.

Agatha and Wanda are in the same clothes. While Agatha is standing and gushing with her sinister smile, Wanda looks down and defeated.



This might be the part where Agatha explains to Wanda more about why and when all her shenanigans started. This could also mean that the upcoming episode itself will give us some better input as to who is doing this.

Just a Fan theory?

Fans are hell-bent on the theory that the villain is Mephisto and Agatha is just a henchman. Even though we have some clues proving their theory right, we still can’t be sure.

Also, another question that is troubling us is what Hayward will do now. I mean, that guy is crazy and already has a new team set up. He has no one stopping him now, and we know how unhinged he is.



Well, it would take Wanda only seconds to blow him up, but that bastard still wouldn’t get that she is way out of his league.

Anyway, now that we know the first scene of the next episode, let’s just hope our royal evilness gives out every spoiler during her sinister ‘I won’ speech.

Also, any idea who Paul Bettany kept teasing us about?


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