The Witcher: Part 2 Of The Bestiary Released


One of the best things about Christmas is presents!! And Netflix, joined with Witcher, gives us the best presents, next to our Grandparents!

Now the Witchmas games have been going on for three days, and without a doubt, all three days Law of Surprise has won.

On the first day, Netflix gave fans a photo gallery of Jaskier, and for the second, they shared three set photos, which was riddled with clues, and for the third day, they have released Bestiary Part 2.

What is Bestiary?



The Witcher has a myriad of beasts, and while some of the fans know what the creature denotes and the details behind many others, we are unaware of the books and might be a little confused.

So in order to keep us informed, Bestiary, kind of a short and informative documentary, was released. The first part was a huge success, and now the second part was released as a gift for the third day.

Before we go into all the video details, let me tell you that if you haven’t watched the first season fully, don’t read on ahead!

Spoilers Ahead!


At first, let’s ease your mind by telling the monster head, which looked like a roasters’ head, was indeed a Basilisk. The video confirmed the rumor, and Lauren S Hissrich also joined in. They confirmed that after adding that the Basilisk in the episode is one of these subspecies, South Zerrikanian, Royal Basilisk, Protobasilisk.

While the monster looks harmless, it is perilous and can attack its prey in many ways, which gives it an upper hand in everything. From its Death Stare to its Tail, everything is scary about this monster.

The only opponent that can actually kill it is a Weasel, and maybe you need to be a Geralt otherwise.

Adorable Monster


The next monster the video deals with is Hirikka, yeah, the one Jaskier saw in the bush and the one which Jaskier called Geralt’s friends and ran away, yeah, that one.

They are adorable creatures until you see them stand up. Still, that idiot didn’t have to kill it brutally. According to the video, Geralt has stopped taking the killing contracts of Hirikka as they are on the brink of extinction.

Also, we see Geralt telling others it probably just wants food, and we wish people had listened to him!

Golden Warriors


Next would be Dragons. We saw the Golden Dragon, the Green Dragon, and also how the Dragon can change into human form. The video explains a lot about Dragons and their origins all over the world and if people just mistook Crocodile and Snake for Dragons.

But what drew our attention was that Lauren S Hissrich had stated that there are also Witcher Dragons that protect the other normal Dragons from the threat posed by Humanity. Now that would be a series we would definitely want to see!!

Finally, the video confirmed that the monster we saw in the final episode, which almost killed Geralt, was, in fact, Ghouls and not Nekkers.

That about sums up the left out season one monsters. Now, let’s wait for season 2!!

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