The Witcher Season 2: Who Is Vesemir That People Keep Talking About


The problem with adaptations is that people will start talking like you read everything they read and know everything from the start, whereas you are just a beginner who only watched one part of the now released series.

Father Figure

In that case, we know you are as clueless as me when it comes to Vesemir because you just opened this article. Even though the articles mention that he was like a father figure to Geralt, we have no idea first of all what happened to Geralt and why his mother dropped him at the Witcher school.

Let’s not go into that now; as of now, our only goal is to know more about Vesemir to an extent where it doesn’t turn into spoilers for us.

Proper Introduction


After all, we know that Vesemir is making his debut in the second season. To give him a proper introduction, Netflix has announced an animation feature film about Vesemir to be released before the second season.

But let us give you some insight into the character. Vesemir is a fencing instructor at the School of Wolf who was among the only few who survived the mob attack orchestrated by Mages and Priests.

Mere Survivor

After the incident, he becomes the second in command at the Schools. He survived the attack probably because the attackers thought he was dead. This attack took place in the second half of the 12th century.

By then, he was the only old Witcher who survived, and since he was just a fencing teacher and not the one who creates the mutagens in order to generate more Witchers, no more Witchers were trained in Kaer Morhen.

How Old is He?


Now that Ciri unites with Geralt, according to Netflix’s second season synopsis, it is said that they both go to Kaer Morhen. Now, if that’s how it goes then, Ciri might be the recent one to receive Witcher training in the Wolf School.

He is older than he looks, and some even go to the extent to say that he is older than Kaer Morhen. But his age is not mentioned anywhere.

Like every other Witcher, he also makes his livelihood by taking on contracts. He stays with the remaining Witchers in Kaer Morhen in the Winter and sets out on his adventures in the Spring.

Tamed Geralt and Vesemir

We had some confirmed rumors that Triss Merigold is already in the sets of Kaer Morhen, which means only one thing, Triss is here to teach Ciri to control her powers. This also means that we see Triss tame Geralt and Vesemir on how to behave and train Ciri.

So this should be fun to watch. We stop with this and will not be giving you more as that will become a spoiler.

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