These Marvel Cinematic Universe Planets Couldn’t Exist, Say Scientists

Deadpool And Black Widow

Ever since its formation, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken fans across the globe to a lot of amazing places.

Once its Phase 1 was over, it expanded beyond the horizons of the Earth and introduced characters like Thanos and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Eventually, it grew, even more, to include around 28 other planets, along with the Earth.

The Many Planets Of MCU:

Simon Clark and Dr. Hannah Wakeford, two scientists, recently watched every film in the “Infinity Saga” and examined every planet, either mentioned or shown in the films.

Then, combining their skills, genius, and knowledge of planetary science along with physics, they tried to explain how these planets, unique both in structure and visually, could be plausible.

Some of these planets include Sakaar- the garbage planet, Vormir- the dark planet and Asgard- the flat, disc-like planet.

Once studied, the scientists came up with the conclusion that only 19 out of the 28 planets introduced so far by the MCU could be able to exist physically in the real world.

The ones that were deemed impossible to exist included Vormir, Sovereign, and Asgard, along with others, for many different and complex reasons.

Future Planets:

The upcoming Phase 4 will likely introduce many more such unique planets and worlds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Films such as The Eternals and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness are two films that are likely to release by 2021, both of which will focus on worlds existing beyond the Earth.

Moreover, there are also reports which state this next phase will shift focus on cosmic elements, which will be interesting to see.

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