Joe Russo Trash Talks Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr and Other Avengers

I do feel bad for Joe Russo, being crushed by these hot and handsome actors at some of the things we geeks are supposed to be good at, it is just painful.

Trash Talk Videos

To those who are unaware of what I am talking about, read here to find out what AGBO Superhero league is. The charity football league is in its 6th week now, and it is time for Joe Russo to release his trash talk video. He made sure to cover every single one in his trash talk video.

Not An American? Then Why do you do well?

First, he dives into them being from places where football fantasy league is not even a thing, like Chris Hemsworth from New Zealand, Tom Holland from Glasgow and Ryan Reynolds from Canada.

Oh, wait he is not done with that joke yet, he goes on to say most of them speak like Lin-Manuel Miranda in the movie of a woman who floats around with an umbrella. Okay if you are done laughing but confused on what exactly he meant, he is speaking about Mary Poppins returns, and the Lin-Manuel Miranda plays the role of Jack in it.

Tom Holland thinks it is Quidditch


He goes on to trash Karen Gillian by saying he has never understood a word that came out of her mouth and that he just smiles and nods on sets. Obviously, he left no stone unturned when it came to Tom Holland. Tom is actually winning so, that made Joe furious and called him out saying that Tom Holland thinks this is Quidditch (Harry Potter).

RDJ has left Earth and Ryan is selling Jin

Well after the son comes the father. Joe took on RDJ next and went on to say that RDJ doesn’t even live on this planet anymore. He has been out since 1965. Obviously, Ryan’s humour expertise was met with Joe’s trash talk. He trashed Ryan that the foundation he has been raising awareness for is his Aviation Jin company and nothing else. Claiming that the website is raising awareness for people who don’t have Aviation Jin but need it badly.


Evans was obviously met with his recent NSFW leak joke. Russo went on to ask how he has the time to maintain his Only Fans page and shuffle his roaster.

While taking time to roast Paul Rudd, Chris Pratt and others, he made sure to send his love to Elizabeth Olsen, calling she is sweet and is actually losing, so he feels bad for her.

An Ode to a now Successful, former Best friend

Finally ended with him doing an ode to his former best friends Chris Hemsworth and last year champion. He reminisces on how the win has changed his relationship with Hemsworth. Joe finally wishes he had a brother who surfs, is hot and dating a former Disney star (Oh, poor Anthony).

Joe was also seen saying in an interview that being with these actors in the set for continuously 16 hours or more somedays, they have been able to survive those tiring days with humour. Marvel actors have been known to be as one big family, and even the newest among them seem to be comfortable with the OG gang.

Hey, making fun of your friends is legally our birthright, and if you could do it and raise money for charity, then I think it is just brilliant. May as well get some use out of trolling our friends, right?

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