Thor: Ragnarok: What Specific Instructions Were Given To Jeff Goldblum?


Of all the many highlights that shook up the MCU in “Thor: Ragnarok,” a highlight of Taika Waititi’s threequel was seeing Jeff Goldblum at his most Goldblum-iest. Playing the constantly well-dressed fight manager, The Grandmaster, the seasoned star managed to do the unthinkable and steal the thunder from the god of it. As it turns out, that’s exactly what Waititi wanted, and even requested to mine the Goldblum for as much as possible.

Speaking to The Gentleman’s Journal in 2017 about the role that saw him star opposite Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as gods with an everlasting rivalry, Goldblum actually was requested to turn things up to eleven for his moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “I Jeff it up a little bit. In ‘Thor’ the director encouraged it, so I Jeffed it up.” Incredibly though, even after being asked to give it his all for the film, Goldblum was actually under the impression that a lot of what he delivered wouldn’t make it to the final product in the end. Of course, he may have overlooked that he was Jeff Goldblum, and the world simply can’t get enough.

Jeff Goldblum believed he provided some unusable work in Thor: Ragnarok

Amidst the shock stick executions and drifting off mid-sentence while on a DJ deck, Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster was and still is the gift that keeps on coming. Incredibly, the man himself wondered if they’d be able to use any of his work when the film finally hit theatres. “It’s unusable and embarrassing, but I trust that they’ll find a nugget or two that might be, erm, usable.” In the — ahem — grand scheme of things, though, the villain of the third “Thor” movie saw one perk of coming on board, which was adding another Hemsworth collaboration to his credentials.

Having already worked with Liam Hemsworth in “Independence Day: Resurgence,” “The Fly” star was prepped to be swept up by another member of the Australian acting trio of brothers. Goldblum described it to The Metro in 2017 as “I’m just free-associating them with treasure. Coming upon any Hemsworth is like coming upon Ali Baba’s cave of jewels,” he revealed in the iconic voice you’re already hearing in your head. “They’re a rich, cornucopia of gems. They’re spectacular.” Gems are all well and good, but there’s always room for more Goldblum.

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