Thor Twice Makes This Mistake In Avengers: Infinity War


In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor mispronounces the name of the main place twice. In Ragnarok, Joe and Anthony Russo have officially introduced fans to Thanos after years of teasing the arrival of Mad Titan. To instantly establish how powerful the villain is, Infinity War begins by killing half of the people, including Loki and Heimdall. Throughout the rest of the film, Thor is focused on defeating him, and it depends on putting his hand on a new weapon – Stormbreaker.

For the most part, Avengers: Infinity War sets the original Avengers apart, especially its three main heroes. Captain America remained on Earth, the Iron Man travelled to Titan, and Thor went to Nidavellir.

Thor| Avengers: Infinity War

As Thor describes all this to the Guardians of the Galaxy, who rescued him from the remains of the Asgardian ship, the God of Thunder says “Nivadellir“, but the place is properly pronounced “Nidavellir.” What’s even worse is that he hasn’t done this once, but twice when explaining the importance of getting a Stormbreaker before confronting Thanos. The God of Thunder mispronounces it even after getting amused by the information that the mythical planet is real. In fact, it is only after he and his new allies approach the neutron star that they finally say “Nidavellir.”

Truth be told, Nidavellir is not an easy word to pronounce, and with Thor’s bold accent, it’s easy enough to avoid this mistake. Interestingly, even though Hemsworth’s changed the sounds of “D” and “V”, the subtitles spell the place correctly.

It’s not clear whether fans will ever see Nidavellir at MCU again. In any event that Marvel Studios wants to revisit the venue, the upcoming adventures in Thor: Love and Thunder, which is also reported to include Guardians of the Galaxy, is a great opportunity to do so.

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