MCU Fans Can’t Stop Talking About This Picture Of Jeremy Renner


The archer Avenger is one of the few heroes who have family and children, making him a sympathetic favorite of many Marvel fans. Marvel fans have loved Renner for also a different, more aesthetic cause.

The reason for that is Renner‘s amazingly ripped body, specifically his two great biceps. Renner‘s character may be a father, but he certainly doesn’t have Dad Bod.

Renner’s biceps in ‘The Avengers’

Hawkeye in Avengers 2012

With the upcoming release of the upcoming Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Ruffalo version of The Hulk, are the only two original team members not to have their solo movies. In Avengers, Renner has significantly larger muscles, most notably his biceps.

In an action-figure-filled film like human figures, Renner‘s body is accentuated. He uses these muscles to fire incredibly accurate arrows.

He can fight hand in hand with the Black Widow, which is an amazing feat of power. Renner‘s big muscles and action film experience make him a credible hero, primarily based on manpower and skill rather than otherworldly forces.

Fans obsession with Renner’s big biceps


In a throwback picture having Renner, Evans, and Johansson with Marvel legend and creator of their characters, Stan Lee, some fans have commented on the size of Renner‘s biceps.

Renner‘s Biceps were out od shape for a short time in 2018 while playing Tag’s main game of all time in the comedy movie Tag. His injuries included a fractured elbow in his right hand and a broken wrist in his left hand.

Renner was injured while attempting a stunt to jump on a chair pile. This setback did not stop shooting the action stars, the rest of the Tag, and his role in various MCU films.

Renner and his arms have been involved in some controversy lately, but he will likely continue for the role of Hawkeye. Fans will have the opportunity to gawk at Renner‘s muscles in the upcoming Hawkeye television show, which is set to stream on Disney Plus sometime in the fall of 2021.

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