Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

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Tokyo Manji Gang and Kanto Manji Gang are set to begin another war and fans can’t seem to get more excited than this. If you want to know more about what will happen in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244, keep reading further.

About The Manga

After travelling back in time 12 years, Takemichi decides to join the Tokyo Manji Gang in order to change the future and save Hinata, his high school girlfriend, from death.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 243 Recap

The chapter begins with Kokonoi, a Kantou Manji Kai official and advisor, notifying Sano Manjiro, the gang’s President, that the Second Generation of Toman has challenged them to a big fight.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244

Koko tells Mikey that Takemichi Hanagaki is the current President of Toman, and he grinds his teeth and argues that he knew he would return. Mikey makes a grand announcement that the ultimate battle will be happening at the Old Cargo Bay on September 9.

Takemichi departs for the big combat on September 9 in Tokyo Revengers chapter 243. He recalls how saving her has always been his major goal. He convinces her that he has grown up and become bolder since then, because he now has to help and guide everyone.

Hina, like usual, pushes him to reveal his actual sentiments rather than burying them. Takemichi cries that he’s scared and wants to flee, which makes him feel better since he releases his pent-up frustration.


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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 Spoilers

The raw scans for the upcoming chapter will be released two to three days before the official release date. From these scans, we get the spoilers!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 is expected to get released on the 2nd of March 2022. However, we can’t rule out any delays. Every week on a Wednesday, you will get to read a new chapter of Tokyo Revengers.


Where To Read

You can read the series on the Kodansha website or the Mangamo app.


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