Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Release Date and Where To Watch

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers was notable for bringing back our dear Baji into the picture. In the episode, we see him taking on Kisaki Tetta and his 1st unit in battle. He easily defeats all the men of Kisaki’s division but things aren’t as easy when it comes to the cunning Kisaki.

This battle between Baji and Kisaki is of absolute importance due to the implications it has for Takemichi’s resolve to save Hinata. It all comes down to this battle. That’s rightly why many fans are so hyped to watch the new episode, Tokyo Revengers Episode 21.

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To know more about the upcoming episode of Tokyo Revengers read further!


Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 will be getting released on either the 28th or 29th. The release timings and dates depend on what time zone you belong to. Fortunately, no delays have been reported.

  • European Time: 9 PM CEST, August 28th
  • Pacific Time: 12 PM PDT, August 28th
  • Australia Time: 4:30 AM ACST, August 29th
  • Eastern Time: 3 PM EDT, August 28th

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Spoilers

Kisaki Tetta
Tokyo Revengers Episode 14: Kisaki Tetta

The upcoming episode is titled “One and Only” and a short preview was released. We saw that Baji was coughing out blood after his tricky fight with Kisaki. Mikey might be very concerned because he cares deeply for Baji, with whom he grew up.

Mikey was getting beaten up by Kazutora and two other friends. But Mikey picked up his momentum and beat up all three of them. In Tokyo Revengers Episode 21, we shall see Kazutora getting beaten up by Mikey who’s obviously in rage.

Baji announces his resignation from Toman

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But here’s the catch: Kazutora isn’t the enemy. In the long run, Kisaki will end up having a much worse impact on our protagonists’ lives. So, Takemichi will have to stop Mikey from releasing his rage too much. 

Where to Watch Tokyo Revengers 

You can watch the latest episodes on Crunchyroll, provided if you have a subscription. However, you can always watch it for free when it’s available on September 4 for those without a subscription.




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