Tokyo Revengers Episode 24: Release Date and Spoilers

An anime adaptation of the hit manga series Tokyo Revengers premiered in April 2021. Since then viewers have been catching up on the new episodes without fail. So all the loyal fans of the series are heartbroken that the upcoming episode will be the last of the first season.

The 23 episodes that were released so far took us on some immensely emotional scenes with perfectly curated action clips. We saw that in the previous episode the Tokyo Manji gang had assembled, and Mikey was ready to make an announcement. 

Ever since the curious minds of the viewers have been speculating as to what will unfold after this meeting. Read further to know more about Episode 24, its release date, predictions and other details.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 24 Release Date

The anime runs on a weekly schedule and a new episode is released every week. Tokyo Revengers Episode 24 will be released on Sunday, September 19, 2021.

The new episode is titled “Cry Baby Hero”. As of now, there is no news regarding its delay. So let’s hope that there won’t be any rescheduling of the release. 

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23 Recap

Emma and Mikey
  • In the previous episode, on their way back from the prison after visiting Kazutora, Draken takes Takemichi to his place.
  • Takemichi learns the past about Draken on how he grew up in a brothel. This impresses him as Draken still manages to become an admirable person.
  • We also saw Mitsuya gifting Takemichi a self-made Tokyo Manji uniform as a token of appreciation for saving Draken’s life.
  • In a different scene, we witnessed Hinata and Takemichi acting all suspicious over Emma and Mikey’s closeness.
  • They were scared that Emma is cheating on Draken with Mikey and how this can create a complicated relationship between the two guys and the gang.
  • Takemichi’s imagination was so wild to the point he created a scenario where Mikey and Draken turn Tokyo into ashes while fighting over Emma.
  • Fortunately, Mikey was revealed to be Emma’s half brother, which explains why they were being very close.
  • The episode ended after taking us into the intense Toman meeting that was going to happen. Mikey shows up with Chifuyu and Hanma and declares that he has something important to say. 

Tokyo Revengers Episode 24 Spoilers

Toman gang

Based on how the latest episode left off, there are endless questions on our minds.

  • How will the Toman meeting end or what results can be expected from it?
  • Will Takemichi’s efforts be able to change the future and save the lives of his dear ones.
  • Kisaki acting as a double agent between Valhalla and Toman might be revealed, thereby shocking everyone. 

Where to watch Tokyo Revengers?

Outside Asia viewers can stream the episodes onCrunchyroll. While fans in South and Southeast Asia can watch from Muse Asia’s official Youtube Channel and Bilibili. Japanese fans can stream on Netflix Japan. 


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