Top 5 Devastating Anime Betrayals!

We all have that one, or maybe even two or three, anime that we’d so devotedly been watching that when a major betrayal in the series takes place, it affects not only the character, but also the viewers on a huge level. The following list contains the top five betrayals in the anime world.

Bertolt and Reiner Betray the Scouts (Attack on Titian) 


Avid fans of the series will be familiar with the collective reaction of the Attack on Titan community when the truth about Bertolt and Reiner was revealed. As the characters grow and overcome every obstacle that comes their way, we get more attached.

We watch them struggle to survive together and grief for their fallen comrades. So imagine the utter shock viewers went through when these two betray the scouts. They’re the reason Eren and Mikasa lose everything and begin their tragic journey.

Griffith Sacrifices His Saviors (Beserk)*Rated R


The story centers around a man, Guts, who is also known as the “Black Swordsman,”. He was once part of a mercenary group called the Band of Hawk. Their leader, Griffith, was a fearless man who ended the Hundred-Year War and brought peace to the war-torn land of Midland.

However, Griffith, fueled by his desire to become king, betrays everyone by sacrificing them. This man who was considered an upholder of justice, threw away his principle for incredibly selfish desires. Many Berserk fans were shocked by Griffith’s betrayal which hurt those who loved and respected him deeply.

Aizen betrays the Soul Society (Bleach)


While the anime community is most aware of Sosuke Aizen as a notorious villain in Bleach, he was initially the captain of the 5th Division. Aizen pretended to be a kind and mild-mannered gentleman who would never hurt a soul.

He was loved by his subordinates, especially by his lieutenant Momo Hinamori. Momo was the one who was the most agonized by Aizen’s betrayal, since he stabbed her in the chest before fleeing soul society.

Sailor Neptune And Sailor Uranus Betray Sailor Moon


This was one of the very first anime betrayals 90’s kids must have been subjected to and so, long time anime consumers will surely remember this. The scene where all this unravels is devastating and hurts viewers to see the sailor scouts so defeated and betrayed by their comrades and friends.

Rachel Betrays Bam (Tower of God)


Tower of God follows Bam who enters a mystical tower, in search of his dear friend Rachel. As we learn more about the tower, Bam and his comrades, we gradually start to become attached to his character.

We watch him desperately search for his beloved friend, even if it means putting his life on the line. So, when Rachel ultimately betrays Bam for her own selfish reasons, it tears us apart just as much as Bam because we know how genuine his feelings for Rachel are.

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