Topic Selection for Entertainment Blogs

There is no one size fits all way to search for topics though I prefer the following ways. Though there are some basics that should be kept in mind. You should pick topics that you would like to write upon. An article written by someone who does not want to write on that topic will invariably be sub-optimal.

Do your research before you begin to write. You should always verify and gather information about the article you are about to write. Fake news or false facts is right out unacceptable.

Try to cover all the needed points in a language that is understandable by all. A good writer is one who can convey the news in an easy manner and be detailed. What I want to say here is, you might want to use words that are easy to understand, have short to medium-sized sentences, use a different paragraph for different points, and overall write an easy-to-read-and-understand article.

Be original. Do NOT reprocess news from different news outlets. I know it would sound absurd to say do not copy news from other news outlets but the essence of this point is that you should not just use one article and rewrite it. You might instead want to collect points from different news articles and combine all of them in a user-friendly way. Being detailed is the key here. Google will not rank your article if you are being vague or not providing enough information on the subject matter at hand.

The last four points speak nothing about topic selection, I know. The best way to proceed will be if each of you picks four (or what your assigned number of articles per day is) anime/OTT shows and publish on it. Now once that is done you are only to be bothered about those 4 shows.

Now you need to download Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms where you think you can get the latest updates about your selected shows. I recommend Reddit and Twitter as they are mainstream and I personally follow them. You may have other platforms in mind, there are no restrictions in place.

The first thing you do before you sit for your daily assignment is to look for any trending news about your selected shows. Search for the shows on the social media platforms to see if anything is trending. Always try to be the first to publish any latest news. Things hit social media platforms first and then move to blogs and news outlets.

You can use to look for the latest keywords that are trending for your show. Feed-in the show’s name and it will give you what is trending about the show. You now need to think of a topic that you think people would like to read about. You are a good proxy for an average person out there, hence if you think some topic is worth reading/writing, there certainly is someone else who is thinking the same.

There are multiple types of articles, ‘Topics’ for news articles can rarely be changed. So if you find fresh news or spoiler floating on social media, well, then it’s your lucky day, you got the topic of the article you will be writing. ‘Topics’ can be derived from the latest news articles too. You would want to search for rather than think about things people may ask as soon as they read the floating news you just found on social media. For example, if the news is “RDJ to return as to Marvel as Ironman”, the immediate question that people may ask is ‘who is RDJ?’ Or “Movies by RDJ” Or “What are the upcoming movies of Marvel?”. You have to think a little but it will be worth it when tens and thousands of people will be reading your article on the first page of google.

The next type of article is the Buzzfeed list type. These generally need to be long list type content, where you curate some fact or a list of items for a topic. For example “Top 10 highest-earning Anime of all time”. When you choose to write on this try to pick a topic related to the news trending recently.

Then there is what I call the ‘Static Article’. These are nothing not informative articles on any topic. These are the ones where you think of a question to answer from the show of your choice. These really are nothing but questions you think people may be asking about the show. An example would be, “Which is stronger, The Chidori or The Rasengan?”.

So, to put it in short, you follow the following steps. First, pick the shows you want to write on. Next, follow them on social media. Look out for news about the shows and try to write about trending related topics.


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