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We understand the feeling of intense excitement we feel after reading one manga/manhwa chapter every week. We also understand how frustrating it is when you realize you have to wait for another chapter for 7 freaking days. This is more so for an amazing manhwa like Tower of God. That’s why we bring you the latest updates you need to know about Tower of God Chapter 520.

Tower of God Chapter 520 Release Date 

Tower of God Chapter 520 will be getting released on December 5, 2021. Every new chapter releases on a Sunday. Fortunately, the manga has been progressing without any delays.

Tower of God Chapter 519 Recap

In Chapter 519, we see Orairi getting worried over the ones who’ve invaded their Sealing Ship and frantically warning his soldiers about the intruders. He feels the urgent pressure to do something to remove them since he needs to prove his competence as the Branch Head Candidate. 

Meanwhile, Lyborick is with Yu Hansung and Lefav who are busy worrying about the whereabouts of Evankhell. They talk about the warp gate and how it is connected to the mothership. 


Tower of God Chapter 520

Lyboricks, on the other hand, confesses that Lefav deceived the troops in order to live and that this is their graves. Lyboricks is the new Commander of the 4th Corps, Yu HanSung realizes.

Meier scolds Ms. Lefav telling her that she’s putting her children in dire circumstances. But Lefav isn’t entirely convinced about that and wonders if they’re playing scare tactics on her, while screaming that they will never touch her kids.

While exposing his identity and admitting that Lyborick is a hassle to deal with, Lefav suggests that he might not be guarding the gate. Lyboricks claims that he was aware that anybody may betray the army in order to survive, but that he came here to alter his mind.


Tower of God Chapter 520

Meier agrees while sadly speculating on how she could’ve become a highranking family member. She ultimately notices that her bullets have got over while in the middle of an intense fight. Candidy then orders everyone to murder Lefav when she’s vulnerable without bullets to be on the offense.

Yu Hansung discovers that the strength of his barrier has weakened as a result of the recent confrontations. This is probably due to Lefav deceiving them while trading blows. Yu Hansung becomes enraged at Lefav and Candidy.

He also arrives at another discovery that Corps Commander Lyboricks is furious at him. Meanwhile, Evankhell confronts High Ranker Lo Po Bia Branch Head Whitegarment Widow and Sicarius.

Tower of God Chapter 520

Tower of God Chapter 520 Spoilers

We usually get spoilers from the raw scans. However, Tower of God doesn’t release such raw scans, in the absence of which we’ll have to wait for the official release date.

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