Five Anime With Satisfyingly Sad Endings

It does not matter how happy or sad the individual events are in anime. A show’s ending is what leaves the biggest impact. Some endings are so expertly chosen as the culmination of their series that fans can’t help but embrace their sadness. Here are five Anime with satisfyingly sad endings.

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Death NoteDeath Note's Cycle Of Loss Continues With The End Of Light

Death Note boasts an instantly addictive story. The mysterious book gives its user the power to kill anyone whose name gets written on it. Fortunately, Death Note sticks the landing as one of the more successful anime of its kind. Strong mysteries drive the entirety of Death Note’s narrative.

There may be some sense of justice felt when the series ends. Perhaps there’s a little less evil in the world, but Light gets snuffed out by Ryuk. On some level, it’s implied that this cycle of pain will just begin anew.

 Gurren LagannThe End Of Gurren Lagann's High-Spirited Journey Is Surprisingly Melancholic: Anime With Satisfyingly Sad Endings

Gurren Lagann’s hectic plot is full of drive, heart, and passionate energy. The iconic mecha anime doesn’t present itself as a story that can have a long-lasting emotional effect from the start. Nevertheless, the series creates a narrative that is simultaneously zealous and heartfelt.

The concluding episodes of Gurren Lagann keep the viewers in a constant state of high-powered emotions. It brings to a climax everything the show was building up to this point. After the final battle against the Anti-Spirals is won and the heroes face the melancholic aftermath of their victory. The built-up emotions crush the audience in a wave of sadness mixed with earnest gratification.

5 Centimeters Per Second5 Centimeters Per Second Has A Bittersweet Ending

5 Centimeters Per Second is an earlier film by Makoto Shinkai. As anyone might expect, this film doesn’t skimp on the drama and the emotional anguish between them.

As the two protagonists try to be honest with each other about their feelings and often fail to do so. It becomes clear that they won’t successfully end up together. The film’s poignant, bittersweet ending leaves viewers feeling empty, but not in a bad way.

Your Lie In AprilYour Lie In April: Anime With Satisfyingly Sad Endings

Few fans of Your Lie in April can admit just how satisfying the ending is. After all, viewers spend 22 episodes growing attached to the characters’ friendship only for Kaori’s illness to take her life. It’s a horrible end, especially considering how part of Kaori thinks she will live past her surgery.

If her death isn’t sad enough, Kousei sees her ghost during his performance, and she plays the violin alongside him. Fans watch in tears as the cruelly realistic anime comes to a fitting and harrowing.

Dusk Maiden Of AmnesiaDusk Maiden Of Amnesia: Anime With Satisfyingly Sad Endings

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is proof that a predictable ending can still be impactful. Considering that one of the protagonists is a ghost looking for closure. It’s inevitable that Yuuko finally finds peace in recalling her death and making friends in the present.

As Yuuko slowly disappears, she spends her final moments with Teiichi. Make him promise to forget her and move on with his life. The melancholic soundtrack only adds to this painful scene.

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