WandaVision 9th Episode: What To Expect?


WandaVision has done its job of taking us through January to March, and now it’s time Falcon and the Winter Soldier pick up the slack.

With the most awaited final showdown coming up this Friday, fans are eager to find out how things end for Vision and the Twins, also our favorite Scarlet Witch.

While there are a lot of things Marvel has to cover in this week’s episode, here are some important topics expected to be answered.

Agatha Harkness


Agatha does look all evil and annoying, but all she wants is to take out Scarlet Witch, who she thinks might be a threat to everyone. Well, that’s what we believe as of now.

But, a lot of things are still unanswered on Agatha’s front, like did she really mean what she said to her mother about wanting to learn to control her powers or was it just an act.

Anyway, by tomorrow we will know if she will end up helping Strange and Wanda or will just go away seeing the chaos that will be unleashed in the final showdown.

White Vision and Hayward


A lot of answers about White Vision are still not clear. We still have no idea why Hayward created White Vision.

We also have no idea why he kept it a secret and why he manipulated everyone to think Wanda is a terrorist.

We have a lot of confrontation tomorrow, and we so badly want to see Monica Rambeau shoot Hayward through space.

Where is Monica Rambeau?


Monica Rambeau is in the bubble now, and last we saw, she was under Agatha’s spell and was seen talking to the fake Pietro.

We don’t have any idea if she snapped out of it or if she even found out the truth about Pietro. Also, we have no idea if she will be up and ready for the final fight.

Maybe Strange will come and snap everyone out of Wanda and Agatha’s spell?

Doctor Strange


So, Agatha has said that Wanda’s magic drew her to West View and she was shocked to see what she could do with ease.

If someone like Agatha, who has no idea about day-to-day happenings on Earth, knew about this, then why didn’t Doctor Strange come to know about this sooner?

He knew the minute Loki and Thor set foot on Earth. Even though Loki was with Thor, he brought them to questioning.

Now, what happened to him that he didn’t notice something this big, which actually made an entire town disappear.

Vision and the Twins


We know that Wanda or Scarlet Witch created them. We also know that Vision couldn’t go out of the bubble.

We also know that the Twins are connected to the way Vision was created inside the bubble.

Now the important thing is that they would have to give a proper send-off to Wanda’s fake family. And frankly, it looks like this will just cause more chaos for Wanda.


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