Alternative Ending To Titanic Resurfaces Sending Fans Into A Frenzy


There are a lot of movies we thought would look good with an alternative ending, and Titanic was clearly not on that list.

With a lot of crazy going on around the Earth, somehow, this has caused some people to tip over the edge.

The Titanic

The Titanic movie was a mega-hit thanks to the wonderful acting of DiCaprio and Winslet. But that was not the only contributing factor.

Based on a rough true story, the Titanic instilled nightmares in those who wanted to travel on a cruise and, to some, gave them an inside look at the luxurious way the 1% live.

The Original Ending

Anyway, the movie ended with Rose still having her most sought-after necklace with her standing on the deck and throwing it into the ocean where no one would find it.

That means that Lovett never gets to see the diamond neither does his crew. Also, it means that no one goes after it. But, guess what? This scene planned to ruin that for us.

While many are furious over this scene, let us explain to you how it ended in this alternate clip.

The Alternative Ending

Somehow, Rose is near Lovett and shows him the diamond finally, and, as expected, he and his crew are dumbstruck.

While Lovett gets a moment to touch the necklace himself, Rose utters a rather cheesy line only a rich person would say and throws the necklace in the ocean.

While the chubby dude is officially pissed at granny for doing it, Lovett magically is over it and asks Rose’s granddaughter for a dance.

While some suggest that the only way they could make it far worse is if the necklace actually lands on the bottom of the ocean near a skeleton wearing Jack‘s dress.

Plotholes and Ruins!

Well, they might have well done that because many just said that this scene just ruined the movie for them.

While many question the entire worth of the movie, some fans wonder if the film would’ve won 11 Oscars if it had chosen this as its ending.

Well, some fans were quick to rush and gave them the answer for that. Anyway, this ending has a lot of holes because now everyone knows there is a necklace and where it fell.

There would be thousands of people trying to get that now so, we are glad that they didn’t go with this ending and chose a rather dramatic but realistic ending.

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