Were Deadpool & Wolverine Present in The Endgame Final Battle?

poster deadpool wolverine

Marvel has released a new trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine, packed with additional Easter eggs for comic book movie enthusiasts to appreciate. While the trailer does not reveal much about the film’s plot, it includes a subtle appearance by Ant-Man, a nod to Loki, and a reference to Doctor Strange that could have significant implications.

With Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, Deadpool is teaming up with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine for a brand-new adventure. The two will appear to collaborate to rescue Deadpool’s world in a mission that stretches across the multiverse.

5 Marvel Easter Eggs That You Might Have Missed in The Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer

1.     Sleeveless Wolverine Costume

sleeveless wolverine

In the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, Logan’s complete costume initially includes sleeves. However, the trailer reveals that they will eventually be torn off. Regardless, the sleeveless appearance makes Wolverine’s live-action costume even closer to the comics.

2.     Cassandra Nova is the Main Villain.

cassandra nova

The trailer for the film shows multiple scenes featuring Emma Corrin portraying Cassandra Nova. In the comics, Nova is depicted as the malevolent twin sister of Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X.

While still in the womb, Xavier became aware of his evil counterpart, who was his opposite. Xavier destroyed Nova before birth, resulting in his mother giving birth to a stillborn. However, Nova managed to survive as a cluster of cells and gradually regenerated her body until she was fully formed. She then devoted her life to seeking revenge and killing her brother.

3.     Cassandra Nova’s Base Which Is Revealed to be Ant-Man’s Skull

ant man skull base

Cassandra Nova’s hideout in the Void appears to be made from the skull and remnants of Scott Lang. The skull, especially, seems to be where she resides, with the helmet acting as a protective barrier. This revelation aligns nicely with events in Loki season 1, where the enormous head of the Ant-Man antagonist Yellowjacket was briefly glimpsed.

4.     Loki’s Alioth

loki's alioth

The film’s desolate landscape is the Void at the End of Time, primarily due to the existence of Alioth, the immense temporal entity introduced in Marvel’s Loki series. Alioth, a temporal creature that devours whatever the TVA eliminates and sends to the Void, was previously under the authority of He Who Remains.

5.     Deadpool & Wolverine Jumping into Doctor Strange’s Portal

portal deadpool and wolverine

As Alioth approaches, Deadpool and Wolverine are shown at the end of the trailer leaping through a magical portal. This portal is like the ones often used by Doctor Strange and the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj in the MCU.

Marvel fans are on the edge of their seats, hoping to see Wade and Logan do multiverse jumping from portal to portal. While it is still unclear who opened the portal, a lot of people wish that it were indeed Doctor Strange’s.

Some even joked about Deadpool & Wolverine being present in the final Endgame battle but showing up at the moment when everything was over, and the Avengers had defeated Thanos.

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