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What If… ? Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers


What If? Episode 8 explored the hypothetical scenario of Ultron actually winning the war. The Disney+ series had given us immense insight and extreme joy over seeing our iconic characters in starkly contrasting turns of events. 

The episode aptly titled “What If… Ultron Won?” was a massive hit among many fans. The next episode will reveal another such scenario that undoubtedly won’t fail at being engaging and interesting. 


If you wish to know more details about What If…? Episode 9, please read further. 

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What If…? Episode 9 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released on the 6th of October 2021. The studio hasn’t announced any delays yet and there’s no reason why we should be worried about it. 

What If…? Episode 8 Recap

This episode shows us the shocking scenario of what could have transpired had Ultron been successful in getting himself a strong body.  In the actual scenario, the Avengers had stolen the body to give rise to another hero. 

In the episode, we saw Ultron murdering Thanos when he caught the latter trying to steal the Mind Stone and other Infinity Stones. Natasha, Carol, and Clint regroup and attempt uploading Arnim’s consciousness to Ultron’s army to defeat him.


We see Ultron discovering the existence of other multiverses and proceeding to conquer them. The Watcher is ruthlessly defeated in battle by Ultron, due to which he approaches the Strange Supreme for help. 

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