What Is Happening With the Spider-Man TV Show? Why Has It Name Changed?

Spider-Man: Freshman Year has officially been renamed, according to a Disney press release.

The animated series will now be titled Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and is currently a part of Marvel Studios’ 2024 lineup:

“Previously announced ‘X-Men ’97’ and ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ (previously titled ‘Spider-Man: Freshman Year’) were also part of the lineup featured.”

Little else was revealed about the series; however, the name change could point to even more revisions to the original Freshman Year plan from the studio.

Originally, Freshman Year was going to be the beginning of this animated adventure with a second season seemingly planned (colloquially known as Sophomore Year).

This move may be the first sign Marvel and Disney are no longer pursuing a Season 2 and will cut the series loose after its first batch of episodes.

This also quells any worries about the show being canceled, which was a major concern over the course of 2023 due to reported problems behind the scenes.

What Is Happening With the Spider-Man TV Show?

For years, at this point, fans have been wondering what the state of the MCU Spider-Man series is. Since its 2021 reveal, it is been a slow trickle of information when it comes to Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

While Season 1 seems to be safe, with Marvel including it in a sizzle reel for journalists taking in a couple of episodes from What If…? Season 2 early, anything beyond that remains a question.

There have been some signs that perhaps Freshman Year (now titled Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) Season 2 may not be longed for in this world after all. So, if this were to be a one-and-done project for Marvel, it would not be all that surprising.

Reports from November 2022, indicated it “[would not] be the same amazing crew” from Season 1 of the Spidey series working on Season 2, seemingly pointing to employees being pulled off the show:

“It sucks cause unless they change their mind within the next few weeks, it won’t be the same amazing crew for Season 2 and I think that’s what’s really heartbreaking.”

This came amidst reported layoffs across Marvel Studios (including its animation division) and could have ultimately led to the super-powered brand axing the idea of a sophomore run for the wall-crawling animated series.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is set to release on Disney+ sometime in 2024.

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